Anytime the word "advanced" is used it generally means "better than," and in the case of skin care just what does advanced skin care mean? It also begs the question what is average skin care? Are there really answers to the hierarchy of skin care? Sure, but it's all relative. From an estheticians point of view I could give you a run down on what a average to good skin care routine would be. It would probably be better than a person without the extra training or frankly interest in skin care that an esthetician would have. An esthetician therefore would have a more "advanced skin care" knowledge. However, talk to a cosmetic dermatologist and phew, now the esthetician is probably looking average and no longer advanced.

In my own relative perspective on what advanced skin care is- it's more than washing the face at night with a good looking skin care product they picked up at a drug store. Advanced skin care is having a routine that makes sense, or a methodology to achieving the best skin conditions possible. Here are some tips to take home with you to the bathroom mirror.

Do wash your face every day, use a gentle cleanser with a neutral pH. Know what performance ingredients in skin care products are supposed to do, and be sure to look for those when you are out to make purchases. Never by something that looks good, or says it will do something- in many cases it will not. Beauty marketing gets away with a lot of misleading advertising- don't fall into the trap.

If you don't have a good skin care routine down, do some testing. Test out what works and what doesn't. This can be a long trial and error period because it usually takes at least 2 weeks before you start seeing the effect of a product, sometimes faster if the product is really good.

Always exfoliate your face. Exfoliation is what can slough away all that dead skin and dirt that accumulates over time. For many people their skin type can be exfoliated once maybe twice daily. For others with drier skin, exfoliating once a day may be too harsh, so cut back- but do it. An at home 10% glycolic acid product is a handy product to have around the house for chemical exfoliation. The best manual exfoliation device I've found is the Clairasonic rotary brush.

Don't go out the door without some form of sunscreen on your face. Sunscreen in your makeup, over it, beneath a sun hat. You get the picture- it's the ultimate anti-aging product.

Incorporate the pros, like an great esthetican or cosmetic dermatologist if you are experiencing some troubling issues, like wrinkles, a lackluster complexion, large pores, acne, old acne scarring (or scarring in general), and spider veins on the face. It is much more effective to get the right treatments than to spend money on products that don't work.

So there you have some advanced skin care insights. By incorporating these into a skin care routine you are well on your way to have advanced, er better looking skin.