Since May, I've been working build SEO organically for a new-ish company. If you've ever tried to do this, you know the procedure - writing articles, submitting to directories, commenting on the occasional blog, etc. We quickly started to see increased traffic to the site, but unless I typed in every keyword I'd been working on, I couldn't find out which words were really doing well.

I've been using the 30-day trial for Advanced Website Ranking, a website ranking software, about a month ago about a month ago. Their software tracks websites for any keyword you enter on as many search engines as you want. I started a few trial projects to check where we were on Google, MSN and Yahoo and ran regular updates. I'd only been using it for a few days before my boss had decided it was a necessary tool for our analytics team to have.

I created different projects - one with all of the top brands on our site, one with all of the keyword phrases I'd been working with, one with high-priority keywords, one with the keywords we had an SEO specialist working with - and I started checking a couple of times per week. I ran it whenever there was a meeting with the company president so that we could show him the progress we were making. It made reports for me and could include different information depending on who needed what. I could graph our progress for the visual people who didn't like to look at lists and arrows.

Another feature I loved was that I could right-click on any term and choose an option that would show me exactly where our keyword was in the search pages, and exactly which page it was indexing. I could show my boss where we were with one click. The program creates list of our top sites so that we can see what's working. We can tell how well we're doing for each search engine. We can see which keywords have dropped, which have risen, which have started appearing that haven't in other searches.

The program was especially helpful one day when our search traffic was way down. We were able to run a report and see that our progress in the search engines had dropped dramatically for reasons we didn't understand. After some investigation, we found a bug on our site, but by checking with Advanced Web Ranking, we were able to save some time searching for where the drop in traffic was. When a similar thing happened a couple of weeks later, we immediately checked Advanced Web Ranking first and saved ourself all kinds of time.


This is a great program. I'd recommend the free trial to anyone, especially because they don't try to make you give them your payment information in advance in case you don't remember to cancel after 30 days. It's been really helpful for me and makes my job a lot easier.