Apples MAC Desktop

Technology Continues To Evolve

Advancement in technology will never slow down.  Technology will continue its steady progress into the future.

In a way this article could be considered a product review but in reality its an article that shows how I use an Apple MAC desktop computer as a hub for my telephone service, Internet access, Internet television, Internet music, movie rentals, charging dock, and where I do most of my work to earn a living.

In the picture you can see the USB devices, charging wire and telephone plugged into my Apple MAC desktop.  All devices neatly plugged into the USB inputs in the back of the computer.

You can see the telephone connected to the Magic Jack USB (telephone service), Rabbit TV USB (Internet TV, movies and radio), white female HDMI adaptor with HDMI cable connecting computer to the TV on the other side of the wall, iPod charging and the yellow Ethernet cable for Internet service.  All of these are centrally located neatly organized behind an Apple MAC desktop computer.

USB DevicesCredit: Michelle Cesare

 Just a few years ago I had a computer that had a very large hard-drive, monitor screen and and keyboard that took up lots of space and I had an answering machine and a phone that took up a lot of space too.  Now I have an Apple MAC with the hard-drive built into the monitor with a wireless small keyboard and both save me a lot of space and my desktop looks a lot less cluttered.  The telephone is a wireless phone with a six-inch telephone wire plugged into the Magic Jack Plus USB telephone service that plugs into the computer.  Years ago I had a long telephone wire so I could walk around my apartment while I was talking on the phone and the phone itself had a long extension cord.  Look at it now.  Modern technology at its best.

There are so many benefits to using advanced technology.  First the obvious.  Using modern technology increased my living space and helps keep my home clutter free.  The not so obvious.  Setting up a home with USB services can cut your monthly cost of living by a significant amount.  I use to pay about $350.00 a year on a landline telephone service.  I now have a cell phone and decided to give the Magic Jack Plus a try.  It works great.  I pay about $50.00 a year to have a landline phone.  The same goes with renting movies.  I used to pay about $2.99 and up to rent a movie.  Sometimes I bought it from my TV service provider ordering it directly through my TV set or I would go to the Red Box around the corner and rent a movie but then I would need to of return it.  Now with Rabbit TV, I get to watch unlimited movies 24-7, Internet TV, Internet music and music videos all for $10.00 a year.  I now have a TV antenna connected to my TV set and I receive about thirty local TV channels.  I just cancelled my TV service provider and by doing so I will save another $350.00 a year.

I hope this article helps you understand how technology is changing and changing for the better.  My friends and family questioned every move I made when I decided to update my world with new technology devices.  I then explained that times are changing and spoke about how people can save a lot of money making a few simple changes and adjustments.  I now have my home set up to entertain and to save myself about $65.00 a month.  Family and friends would ask me how the process was going and because of the positive results, many of them are now in the process of making a few changes too.

Modern TechnologyCredit: Apples MAC Computer Hub

An Inside View Of Rabbit TV

Apples iPad

Tablets Mobile Devices

Another perk technology allows me to enjoy is the freedom to use the web through Wi-Fi hotspots.  Not needing to buy an extra Internet Service Provider for me to use the web when I'm away from home saves me money each month.

iPads and other brand tablets give an Internet Entrepreneur freedom to work away from the office.  Programmers program website platforms so they get accessed from tablets because the wave of the future is going mobile.  I own an iPad and I do work on it as if I'm sitting in front of my desktop computer at my home office.


Magic Jack Free App

Free Phone Calls

Another advancement in technology is how we can make telephone calls.  People can now use their mobile devices to make phone calls as long as there is an Internet Connection.  Magic Jack, Face-to-Face time on Apple products and Skype let people make phone calls without using an actual phone and it's free.

Free Internet Phone Calls

Magic Jack Plus Free App

Magic Jack Plus


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