Advances in Anti Wrinkle Injections

Wrinkles and other signs of aging are unwelcome in most people's faces and for a long time, topical creams were used to remove them and bring back the skin's youthful look. Women are the more conscious ones about the fine lines on their faces and they can readily spend on wrinkle removal products so that they can turn back the time on their physical appearance. Aside from these creams, anti wrinkle injections are also available and they provide results that are more advanced and more lasting than regular treatments.

These days, men are just as likely to purchase and apply these treatments on themselves as women are. Although injections produce better and more satisfying results, it is a painful treatment. Fortunately, the FDA has recently approved a type of hyaluronic acid gel to be used in rejuvenating the skin. One of its ingredients is Lidocaine and it is the only kind allowed by the FDA for release in United States markets. With just a single injection, patients will feel no more pain.

Lidocaine was first of its kind, a type of amino amide created that serves as a local anesthetic. Nils Löfgren, a Swedish chemist, synthesized it in 1943 and named it Xylocaine. It was later released onto the market in 1949 after it was proven effective. Since then, it has been widely popular among those who wanted younger looking skin. This latest treatment, while only lasting for some months, is cheaper and reduces the discomfort suffered by the patient. Another benefit is that it lessens the facial discoloration as well as inflammation. "Downtime" is considerably also shortened; the patient can be up and about in no time at all and ready to resume their daily activities immediately after the procedure.

While US citizens take advantage of anti wrinkle injections, a newer form of treatment is for release as soon as the FDA gives its approval. This latest product is said to be a wipe that is applied on to the face of the patient. This gel is reported to get rid of frown lines for up to four months. Clinical tests have proven that it can erase the wrinkles around the eye known as "crow's feet."

It has botulin toxin, the same ingredient in Botox, used since 2002 for its proven effectiveness in anti wrinkle injections. It works by the toxin entering the skin contained within a certain protein resulting in the relaxation of the nerves and muscles on the face. Any short and long term adverse effects are currently being determined but the chances of FDA approval is very strong because of the positive results. Once it is approved, this newest facial gel can be the next big thing for anti aging treatments as well as an improved way to administer vaccines.