Advantage flea drops are one of the highest selling flea treatment products in the US today. The reason? Simple, not much can kill fleas as quickly as Advantage flea drops.

Advantage is supplied as a topical or spot on flea killer. To use, simply part your pets fur between the shoulder-blades and drop the liquid directly onto the skin. It is important to get the liquid onto skin rather than fur for maximum flea control.

How Quickly Do Advantage Flea Drops Work?

The answer is really quickly. Within five minutes of coming into contact with Advantage, fleas stop biting. Within another fifteen minutes both adult fleas and flea larvae are killed. Flea drops take a little time to be absorbed by the skin and then redistributed over the entire body of your pet via their oil-gland system. But, within twelve hours of applying Advantage 98 to 100% of all fleas already on your pet will be dead. In addition, once applied, Advantage flea drops kill any new fleas which jump onto your pet within an hour.

This is great news for all pet owners, but particularly those with animals that suffer flea allergies or flea dermatitis. For those pets, irritation starts as soon as fleas appear, so it is critical to eliminate them quickly.

When you first use Advantage flea medicine you may notice more fleas than usual. This is because the active ingredient over-stimulates the insects' nervous systems. Basically the fleas come to the surface of your pet's fur, over-stimulated and out of control prior to being destroyed.

Long Term Flea Control

One thing many pet owners are concerned about is the residual population of juvenile fleas and flea eggs in the home. Although Advantage flea drops do not destroy the eggs, it does destroy them once they molt into larval fleas. At this stage in the flea's life-cycle, it is still not feeding from our pets and is unable to breed. So, although initially the residual flea eggs will continue hatching, the population are quickly destroyed. In the long term your home should become completely flea free, including flea eggs and larvae, within three months of switching to Advantage flea medicine.

So within a few hours of switching to Advantage flea drops your pets are free of biting adult fleas. Within a few months your home is completely flea free. Of course fleas find their way into our homes on an almost continual basis, on pets or just hopping in from the backyard. So using this flea medicine is just like any other, in that it will need to be re-applied regularly. To prevent future outbreaks of flea activity it is recommended that Advantage flea medicine be reused every 30 days. For that reason you might like to find a source of discount advantage flea treatment.