With pets medications manufacturer's, Bayer, now offering pet owners Advantage Multi, on top of ordinary Advantage flea drops, which one should be using?

Advantage flea drops have become one of the most important brands of flea medicine for dogs and cats today. Just when we thought we had our pet's parasite control done and dusted, Bayer introduce new Advantage Multi. But, do we need to spend more on this new product for our pets?

The new product, Advantage Multi, is available for both dogs and cats. It uses the same 9.1% Imidacloprid to stop fleas biting within five minutes, and kill them all within 12 hours of using the product.

So far, so the same. But, on top of our regular flea medicines, many pet owners also periodically treat their cats and dogs with a dewormer. These eliminate the intestinal parasites our pets pick up regularly. If not removed they can cause serious digestive problems, so most owners treat their pets every three months. Advantage Multi flea drops incorporate this deworming medicine into the one treatment. So while the flea killer spreads over the surface of the skin, the internal parasite killer is absorbed into the bloodstream, from where it can travel to the digestive system and clean up things there.

Perhaps most importantly, for concerned pet owners is the risk of heartworm disease. Another parasite, these larval worms are picked up from an infected mosquito bite. Generally more serious than intestinal worms, these can cause organ failure and even death if not treated. The most simple way to prevent heartworm disease is to destroy heartworm larvae every month before they can become a problem. So now, most dog owners, and an increasing number of cat owners are regularly giving their pets preventative heartworm medicines every month. Advantage Multi has this area covered too, providing complete eradication of all heartworm larvae when used on a monthly basis.

So for the cautious pet owner, a monthly flea treatment, a monthly heartworm medicine and a quarterly worming treatment are normal regular medications for their pets. In a bid to simplify things and prevent pet owners losing track of all the medicines they should be administering Bayer introduced Advantage Multi for dogs and cats.

This one topical spot on treatment, includes the original flea killing power of ordinary Advantage along with guaranteed prevention of heartworm disease and a complete intestinal de-worming treatment too.

If heartworm medicine is part of your pet's regular medicinal regime and you use topical flea treatments, consider switching to Advantage Multi. One product replacing three has got to make life easier. If you do switch from another heartworm medicine to Advantage Multi, make sure to use the new treatment 30 days after your old one. This will guarantee that all larval heartworms contracted during this month will be eradicated before they can cause any problem for your pet.

So do you need Advantage Multi for your dogs or cats? No, there are alternatives available of course. But if you use heartworm medicines and flea drops anyway, switching will definitely save you time and worry and may even save you money. Incorporating all your parasite control measures in one capsule will certainly create more space in the medicine cabinet too!