Here, we will have a look at the differences, and similarities between Advantage Flea Drops and K9 Advantix for Dogs. After all, they are both topical flea treatments produced by Bayer Healthcare. Both are made for dogs, so when is one better than the other?

Both K9 Advantix and Advantage are applied as a monthly topical flea treatment. Both use the same technology to provide fast waterproof flea protection over the surface of your pet's skin.

Dog Flea Treatment

Both Dog Advantix and Advantage flea medicine offer the same protection from fleas. It is the same active ingredient in both products which works so quickly to control fleas, prevent them biting and stop them having time to breed. In addition, both products destroy flea larvae quickly so the juvenile flea population never has a chance to cause any problem for your pet.

So far, so the same. But this is where the similarities end. While Advantage is a fast, long-lasting method of flea control, K9 Advantix for Dogs does a whole lot more for dogs.

K9 Advantix Bug Repellant

As well as destroying fleas, K9 Advantix repels many insect pests from our dogs. Fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and biting flies are repelled by the active ingredients found in K9 Advantix.

K9 Advantix Insect Killer

As well as deterring insect pests from coming near and biting our dogs, Advantix destroys many which stray too near. Mosquitoes, lice and ticks as well as fleas are killed on contact with K9 Advantix.

Advantage v K9 Advantix Safety

Both Advantage and K9 Advantix Dog treatments have great safety records. The active ingredients used target insect nervous systems and are metabolised safely by our canine friends. Adverse reactions are uncommon for either product and tend to be limited to skin sensitivities to the inert carrier ingredients.

Advantage flea medicine can be bought in doses designed for dogs and cats, but K9 Advantix is a dog only product as one of the ingredients is not metabolised easily by cats. It is however, safe to use K9 Advantix on dogs who live with cats, just not to be used directly on cats.

So Do You Choose Dog Advantix or Advantage?

If you are already choosing to use a monthly topical flea treatment, either will do. But, really as K9 Advantix is basically Advantage plus some extra power for additional pest control, you should consider what pests you're concerned about.

If only fleas are your concern stick with Advantage. But, if mosquitoes or biting flies are problematic consider give your dog Advantix. To be honest, using a combination of both products is probably ideal for many dog owners. Fleas should be controlled year round as they often remain active in our warm homes no matter what the season. Biting flies and mosquitoes are more seasonal problems for many of us, so it makes sense to use K9 Advantix during the warmer weather and switch to Advantage when things cool down. Just ensure you use Advantage 30 days after the last K9 Advantix treatment or vice verse to keep fleas under control all year long.