When it comes to picking a crib, parents have to decide on a lot of things. One of the first things they have to figure out is whether they should get a glider crib, a regular one or a sliding crib. There are multiple advantages about buying a glider crib: it will be a lot easier for you to calm you baby and put him or her to sleep. Also, those cribs are usually smaller then regular ones, which means they are very comfortable for infants, keeping them warm and cozy. Gliders are a little smaller then regular cribs, so you can easily fit them in your bedroom for the first couple of months of your baby’s life. Both you and your baby rest better. Being able to put your baby back to sleep simply by pushing the glider means happy nights and happy days for both of you.


Use Your Glider Crib Safely

However, there are some disadvantages about getting a glider crib for your baby. You will only be able to use it for the first four or five months of your baby’s life. After that, you will have to buy a regular crib or a cot bed for the baby. Since the time your baby starts to be able to move from one side to another and to sit by himself, a glider crib won’t be safe. Because gliders are not very high and obviously because they glide, your baby might fall down from the crib. So, when you buy such an item, you need to be prepared to get a different type of crib after a few months.


Always Follow Your Glider Crib Instructions

Installing gliders is not complicated, but you need to follow all the glider crib instructions. It’s very important to follow all the steps from the instructions – only this way the crib will be safe for your baby. You need to assemble the framing first and then add the gliding part of the crib. Make sure that the framing stays straight on the floor or the gliding system won’t work properly. Also, you have to be very thorough about all the screws. After you installed the glider crib, give it a push and see if it works well. It might require some adjustments or you might have to lubricate it a little.


Glider Crib Mattress And Bedding

It’s very important to get the right mattress and bedding sets for your glider. If the mattress comes too high on the interior part of the crib, your baby might fall off from the glider. The bedding sets you are using should fit the mattress perfectly, without sheets that make uncomfortable wrinkles. Also, if the blanket is too big, it might get stuck in the gliding system of the crib, causing discomfort or even danger for the baby. Pick the right mattress and bedding sets for your crib, to avoid all those problems.

If you decided to buy a glider but you just don’t know which is the best brand, reading glider crib reviews will be a huge help for you. Reviews of different products, written by parents who are using that item, help you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each one. When shopping for gliders, the safety features should be your main concern. A good method to find out of there are safety issues about the product you intend to buy is to research it on the Internet. Reviews from other parents or news stories about recalls of the product will tell your everything you need to know. The price is another aspect you have to consider. Keep in mind the fact that your baby will be using the glider only for a few months. You shouldn’t spend a lot of money on it, so start searching for a glider crib sale. You can find a lot of affordable ones out there, if you take the time to look. If you dream about putting your newborn to sleep in a romantic glider, you should also consider vintage ones. They are sturdy and well built, and you might even have the chance to find one that’s a lot cheaper than a new item.