CFP Certification Advantages

If you are thinking about a career in financial education, financial planning, or securities you may find that there are distinct advantages of having a CFP certificate on your resume. Even if you plan on working as a solo financial planner the CFP certificate shows perspective clients that you are well educated and posses an advanced and highly respected certification. Outside of having a massive book of clients and significant work history in financial industry the your certificate is almost universally the best option for new professionals.

The CFP Certificate

Advantages Of Getting CFP Board Certified

The Certified Financial Planner's certificate is handed out by the CFP Board to people who go through the CFP certification process. The process is essentially a series of three tests that are administered every year and require the student to successfully demonstrate a substantial sum of financial knowledge.

The CFP certification tests are one of the most difficult tests to pass of all major professional certification in all fields. In fact current statistics show that only approximately one in five people who register for the first CFP certification exam obtain their certificate within five years time. If you posses a CFP certificate you will be in a much greater position to succeed in your financial career.

The CFP certification is not merely a test of a professional's ability to crunch the numbers behind an installment loan, to calculate the internal rate of return on an investment, or to evaluate HSA health savings accounts, it tests that the certificate holder is able to do just about any financial calculation or analysis that can be imagined. The series of tests covers an amazingly broad spectrum of financial knowledge and requires excellent scores across the board.

CFP Certification

For these reasons if you have a CFP certification, or are close obtaining one, employers recognize the achievement and understand that your eventual accomplishment will be rewarded by client trust. It is far easier to get a position in financial services if you hold a finance degree and are at least close to obtaining your certification.

Another advantage of a CFP certificate is that you can work towards obtaining your CFP certification online in your spare time. This means that you don't have to quit your day job or change your lifestyle in any way. It can even help improve your job performance. Of course you will have to find the time to learn and study on your own in your own time but assuming you are proactive and diligent about your career it can be done.

CFP Advantages

There are many advantages to obtaining your certificate including the aforementioned flexibility in your time commitment and the advantages you will experience in your new financial services career but you will also find that the cost of obtaining your CFP certificate are quite low compared to other related advanced degrees. If you are willing to put at least two to three years into advancing your career by expanding your financial education you would be hard pressed to find another program which has more advantages. The CFP certificate sets a fine standard for professional certification.