The advantage of having a portable printer and scanner are obvious. One can take the product on the road easily with them and be able to print and scan items for clients or for personal use. Previously an individual would have to find a Kinko's or other print shop to get even basic printing done. Anyone who has experienced the frustration of finding a print shop at a late hour or in a foreign city will appreciate having their own device at their disposal.

One business that would be strongly suited for this product would be someone involved in sales. A salesperson often has to print contracts for clients to sign and is responsible for uploading those contracts (or faxing) back to their main office. This printer and scanner combination item would, in concert with a computer, allow the sales professional to work more quickly and efficiently thereby allowing him or her to complete more sales and make more money for themselves and for their company. In addition, customers would be pleased to have a printed receipt with their purchase instead of a hand written note. Although sales is one area where this product would be useful, it could also be useful for students and young professionals who are often on the go and also highly mobile. Often students will be moving multiple times during college or other post-secondary education.

The portability of this item would allow students and young professionals to pack and move much easier then with heavier traditional home based devices. This can be a point that is overlooked but choosing lighter weight equipment can be a lower cost solution when traveling often. Though we've talked about sales persons, students and young professionals this product could easily be useful for almost anyone that is interested in scanning and printing documents at home or on the go. Uses could range from printing financial documents to uploading vacation photos to printing work at home or on the road. One key point to consider though is whether the printer/scanner can be carried in a checked suitcase when flying. I suppose one would need to check with government and airline officials before packing the item for air travel. In the United States the TSA would be the appropriate contact for this question. This obviously would not be the case if a individual was traveling by train or by automobile.

Manufactures of this item include old companies such as Hewlett-Packard as well as new comers such as Lexmark and Canon. The quality differs across not only manufacture but product model. The best way to choose the right printer/scanner for you is to review the features online and check reviews from relevant websites. I would recommend that anyone who is interested in buying a scanner or printer take a good look at a portable printer and scanner as it may not be the best fit for them now but in the future they may benefit from the portability this item or that a portable laptop printer allows.