An electronic faucet has proximity sensors, which turn on and off the water as you approach your hands to the faucet or you take them away. The biggest advantage of this type of faucet is that it saves water. For example, when you brush your teeth, you know you are supposed to turn off the water. But, let’s be honest, most of the time you end up leaving the water running for minutes, until you finish brushing your teeth. Also, if you have small children, they probably don’t remember turning off the water. The electronic faucet water savings makes it a very environment friendly item. You contribute to a healthier environment and you are also saving a lot of money when using such devices.

 Does An Electronic Faucet Have Bacteria?

Some studies linked the use of those faucets with a high level of bacteria in the water. Apparently, in the tap water that comes from an electronic faucet you can find a lot more bacteria then in the water from a regular faucet. This is happening because the faucet is made of many parts, and the probability of the parts being contaminated with bacteria is big, especially if the parts were manufactured in different areas of the world. However, those studies were conducted with medical purposes and the conclusions are applicable in hospital conditions, where many people are immune compromised. For domestic use, this type of faucet is very safe and you can buy them without being worried.

 Electronic Faucet Parts

When it comes to buying electronic faucet parts, you don’t have to worry. Most  manufacturers also supply customers with replacement parts. However, those devices are pretty sophisticated and you really should call a professional to fix the problem. It’s highly unlikely that you will be able to change the valve or other parts on your own. Those faucets are pretty expensive items and it’s better to leave professionals to deal with them.

 Electronic Faucet Timer

The timer of an electronic faucet can be set in a way that’s comfortable to you and your entire family. It’s important to set the timer in a way that will help you to save a lot of water and in the same time use the sink comfortably. The faucets that stop after a few seconds are really annoying and you have to wave your hands a lot until you finally manage to wash them. A 20 or 30 seconds timer waste a lot of water: if you only rinse your hands, the water will keep running with no purpose for many seconds. Set your timer for 10 or 15 seconds and you can adjust it later, if you don’t like it.

 Electronic Faucet With Temp Control

Temp control is great, especially if you are living with young children and elderly people. The faucet comes with a sensor and you can set up a temperature for the hot water. This helps avoiding accidents  - very hot water at your bathroom sink or shower can cause painful burns to children on elderly persons. This type of faucet is great for the kitchen too, if you love cooking. You can set it to a higher temperature and you’ll have an endless supply of clean, hot water for your cooking. Of course, you need to be careful and to keep your little ones away from the kitchen sink.

 Electronic Faucet Reviews

You will probably pay some money on your sophisticated faucet – take time and read a lot of reviews. This way, you’ll be sure you are making the right decisions. First of all, find out if it’s worth investing in such a faucet. If you have a big family and your children using the sink leaving the water running frequently, then an electronic device is a great investment and it will save you a lot of money. If you concluded that you need an electronic faucet, then you have to start reading some reviews. Most online retailers host a section where customers can write their opinion on each product. The reviews are very useful: you get to find out a lot of details on each product and you’ll be able to but the one that truly suits all your needs.