While most know that breastfeeding is the healthiest way to go when feeding their baby, there are some disadvantages to it. Before you decide between formula and breast feeding, it is important to know the advantages and disadvantages. Some moms are unable to produce milk for breastfeeding right away and give up after only few tries. If you really feel as if you want to breastfeed, it is important to stick with it until you feel comfortable. The more you try the easier it will get. There are also specialists that are willing to help you with breast feeding if you cannot get the hang of it. They are willing to work with you until you feel comfortable. It is important that no one except the mother and father decide on the type of feeding for your child. If you are unable to produce milk then the Doctor should have a say if he feels formula feeding would be more appropriate for your child. It is important to consider time, money and convenience when deciding on breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Work schedule and medical conditions also play a role in the deciding factor. If the parents decide on breastfeeding it is important to do research about what you will expect. Before a mom starts to develop the actual milk for breastfeeding she will first produce colostrum. Colostrum is a clear, yellow liquid that produces milk. It is extremely high in antibodies and very nutritious. This is what the mom will first produce usually a few days after giving birth until her milk comes in. Your baby should feel off of this until you are able to produce milk.

Advantages of breast feeding a baby
-Fewer digestive upsets
-Less spitting up
-Less diarrhea
-Less constipation
-Less chance of allergies developing
-Fewer skin rashes
-Fewer weight problems
-Smarter baby
-Convenient for mother
-Closer mom and baby bond
-Travel is lighter (won't need to pack formula, bottles and water in diaper bag)
-Father doesn't have to get up in the middle of the night
-Mothers uterus returns to normal size a lot faster
-Takes calories to breast feed, which means the mom loses weight quicker.

Disadvantages of breast feeding a baby
-Difficult to do in public and may make mom feel uncomfortable
-Mom must be careful and what they eat, drink or medication they take
-Parents can't get a night out since mom always has to be around for feeding
-Mom won't have their period but may ovulate and get pregnant
-"Let down reflex" (milk may appear at the sound of a baby crying or at time of normal feeding even if baby isn't ready to eat

Advantages of bottle feeding formula
-Mom doesn't have to be around
-Other people can feed the baby
-Easy and less embarrassing to do in public
-Mom can eat what she wants

Disadvantages of bottle feeding formula
-More time consuming (heating and making the bottle
-Mom will miss the special closeness of breastfeeding
-Easier for baby to gain weight-sometimes too much.