Overview of the Dyson Handheld DC34 Vacuum Cleaner

Before discussing the intrinsic advantages and disadvantages of Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners (specifically the DC34 model), I believe that it is best to go over a few of the technical details of the DC34 – along with a general overview of Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners.

The 'DC34 handheld vacuum cleaner' possesses a 22.2 Volt lithium-ion battery (allowing it to recharge up to three times faster than other current competing cordless vacuum cleaners), as well as a Dyson digital motor (which allows the DC34 to have a suction power of up to double that of other battery powered cordless vacuum cleaners), along with unique root cyclone technology along with the option between power and life (with the dual power mode). The DC34 has a capacity of up to 0.35 L (although does not seem like much, you have to bear in mind it is a handheld device, with the purpose of only doing the 'smaller jobs') – with a hygienic bagless operating system and is weighted at approximately 1.3 Kg, with dimensions (H x W x D) cm: 20.5 x 11.5 x 32.2 – making it the lightest Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner model yet. Check the video below for more details on the Dyson DC34.

Dyson DC34 Cordless Multi-room Vacuum Cleaner

Advantages of the Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: DC34

The Dyson Digital Motor - a real benefit of the DC34 handheld vacuum cleaner (which is unique to just the Dyson vacuum cleaner range) is that of its suction power. The Dyson Digital motor -- Dyson claims allows it have up to twice the suction power of other cordless handheld vacuum cleaners -- and you can actually tell. At the least it is certainly a huge improvement on the earlier Dyson handheld vacuum range.

Dynamic, Ergonomic, Slim and Looks Great! - if you have ever had a look in on the DC34 you will know that it certainly looks the business -- sleek, modern and pretty sexy for a vacuum cleaner. However, one thing for sure  it is not just a pretty vacuum -- it is brilliantly designed for practicality too, which most other handheld vacuum cleaners just seem to lack, from its one button 'drop' of rubbish, to the simple thought that goes into a 'clear transparent' bin collector to know when your full.

The obvious benefit that comes with the DC34 (as with most handheld vacuum cleaners) is the fact it is wireless and light -- so it enables you to get into all them 'hard to get places' -- the stairs, under the car seat etc. as compared to that of a big heavy vacuum cleaner that has to be plugged in by the mains. 

If you have any additional advantages for using the DC34 I encoruage you to please share them below in the comments box

Disadvantages of the Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: DC34

Pretty Expensive. When you compare the Dyson DC34 with many of the other handheld vacuum cleaners you are obviously going to find it is rather expensive for what it is – you will be pretty pushed to find it for a price of less than $200. Definitely putting a fair dent in your wallet. Tip: you can get a cheaper model, if you are prepared to have a used (on Amazon for less than $165 and perhaps check eBay for an even cheaper price!) or consider a refurbished model.

Battery Life - a major drawback of the DC34 that many users and potential customers express concern with is the relatively short 18 month battery life, which they feel is simply to low. This is most likely accompanied with the fact that the DC34 battery is also rather expensive at around $80+. In terms of actual 'life' of a charge -- Dyson have brought a new model of the DC34 which is appropiately called 'Dyson DC34 with longer run time' - this allows you to go upto (well Dyson claim) 15 minutes on normal mode -- you also get a warning for when you are about to run out of charge.

Awkward to Use? - a rather subjective view, some people feel that it actually is not that easy and functional to use i.e not entirely ergonomic. However, where others term it as an 'awkward to hold design' and that complain through its lack of flexibility, others such as myself find it an easy and practical piece of machinery to get in the small places – so it may just depend on the individual. Best to try it out for yourself mind, before you make the purchase. 

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Summary of the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dyson Handheld Vacuum Cleaner: DC34

Although the above list of advantages and disadvantages of the DC34 is a rather subjective one -- as people will place different amounts of emphasis on the benefits/drawbacks of the DC34 etc.  -- hopefully in some form it will have been useful to a potential buyer of the Dyson DC34.

But overall, I do believe the DC34 to be a great little piece of cleaning machinery and certainly not many in the current market can match it -- in terms of its power (and power efficiency), its features such as the 'no loss of suction' (due to its unique Root Cyclone Technology), as well as aspects of its practicality(one button disposal). However, on the negative side -- all this does come at a pretty hefty price tag -- and there may be aspects you of the DC34 that simply don't tick your boxes. My advice would be to certainly give the DC34 a good go (borrow a friends etc.) and see if it is up to scratch for you and ask yourself for example would you actually consider it to be ergonomic? Is it a little too expensive for what it is? etc. This way you can truly decide whether the DC34 is worth it for you.

If you have any additional advantages and disadvantages for using the DC34 or any general remarks then I encourage you to please share them below in the comments box.