Fat Cow sounds more like an ice cream company than a technology provider, however they are one of the premier web hosting companies. Don't let their name fool you, Fat Cow knows what they are doing when it comes to web hosting. This great company was started in 1998 and since then has been providing affordable and high quality web hosting solutions to individuals and small to medium sized businesses. If you want great value and excellent web hosting, look into Fat Cow and their offerings.

One reason that people consistently turn to Fat Cow is that it is easy to figure out. Many hosting companies offer a variety of packages. It can be difficult to determine what exactly is needed for a standard web page. Fat Cow takes the guess work out of their packages by offering a simple one plan solution. With Fat Cow you what you get and you know what you will pay, which is a lot easier than with many other companies.

If you want something a little smaller to get your feet wet, Fat Cow has recently rolled out a smaller plan for those just getting started. It is called the Mini Moo and is a great plan for a simple initial website.
While Fat Cow does offer simple plan selection and simple pricing, this isn't the only reason why this company is considered a great choice. One reason is that you can have many domains by just paying a small additional fee. If you want multiple sites, this is a great package for you that can really save money.

They also use a very easy to use control panel. Sometimes learning all that you need to about web hosting can be difficult. Fat Cow makes it easier for those with less technical expertise by making their service easy to use and navigate. Once again making this a great choice for small to mid-sized businesses.

Don't you hate it when a website goes down? It can be really frustrating and can result in loss of business and sales to small businesses. This is why Fat Cow has a connection to several companies. This means that your site will remain operational even if one site is having a few issues. They also backup information meaning that if a server goes down, your site will still remain intact.

Of course every company has a flaw or two and Fat Cow is no different. One of their most common complaints is that their technical support leaves much to be desired. Some find getting a hold of tech support difficult and others find that their requests for help are left unanswered.
In a similar vein, many also complain about Fat Cows customer service. Many find them difficult to contact and find that the call is often ended without the issue being resolved. This can be frustrating especially if you really need some help.

If you want great value for your small business site, Fat Cow can be a great choice. Remember that this company has been a strong provider of web hosting services for many years. If they didn't please most of their customers, this wouldn't have happened. You can read Fat Cow reviews to learn about customer experiences. There may be some struggles in their customer service department, however with struggle comes the opportunity to improve. Fat Cow is an overall great choice for your web hosting needs.