Going Freelance, whether as a writer, photographer, publicist, promoter, and more, sounds like a really good idea. It is so easy to let your imagination run riot and visualise freelance work as nothing but good. You may think that it will be lucrative, easy to obtain and stress free but, as with all work, there advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages of Going Freelance.

Freelance work offers you control. Rather than your daily work routine being dictated by your employer, or your work, you will control what you do and when. Being able to take your pick of suitable assignments means that freelance work can leave you feeling more fulfilled and creatively satisfied.

There is the potential to earn considerably more money, than simply working the 9 to 5 routine. Such ordinary work tends to pay a set wage, with little opportunity to increase your earnings. If you are working freelance, the more output you achieve the greater the rewards. Once your reputation grows you will be able to ask for a higher rate of pay or fee.

Although you will have clients, you will be your own boss. For many people this is one of the main advantages. Working independently means you will be more able to express your own individual style.

Rather than following the set company procedures, you can use your flair, imagination, initiative and personal style. Often traditional work environments stifle creativity but freelance work requires it.

With current technology, freelance workers have discovered that they can work anywhere in the world. Many have set up businesses to work from home or moved abroad to sunnier climes to work.

The Internet means that there are more opportunties readily available.

The Disadvantages of Going Freelance

In many ways, there are more possible disadvantages to working freelance.

Although it may initially be great to have no Boss this means that you are responsible for whether or not the work is successful. It will be down to you to meet tight targets and deadlines.

You will need to keep accurate records for income tax purposes and the like. If times are lean you may find that you are not able to claim any state benefits, which may have helped tide you over.

Freelance work can be unpredictable. Some freelance workers find that they either are snowed under, with too many orders, or have none at all. This will mean that you need to exercise caution and spend accordingly. You must budget for those rainy days, when the work is not there.

Plenty of people enjoy the social side of work and many women, for example, enjoy being able to leave the family and their home behind. Working in a freelance capacity could mean that you are a one-man band, which can get lonely.

It can also mean that you are working at home and trying to balance the household chores and interruptions, as you work.

Once you take your self out of the labour market you may find it hard to return, if and when you want, or need, to. Your skills and experiences may fall behind the current requirements for particular work.

Remember also that, these days, there are all too many scammers and what may seem a good offer, may be anything but.


Embarking on a freelance career is risky. However, you may feel that the potential rewards and advantages are worth the risk.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to test the water first by working freelance part-time. Once you have fully assessed your market, you can then make an informed choice.