You have tried the singles bar, blind dating, attending more social parties, joining clubs and associations, and putting on your best foot forward yet you are still not successful when it comes to dating. And, that leaves online dating as your only chance to find love and romance in hope of finding the man of your dreams and a committed relationship. But, some of your friends are divided when it comes to it. To help you decide, consider the following advantages and disadvantage of online dating.

Advantages of Online Dating

Your friends are correct when they tell you that there are advantages online dating has that is not found with other methods of getting a date.

  • Online dating sites provide the means for individuals looking for a date to find those who are also looking for the same thing. The reason they are members of an online dating agency is to find a date. In other means of getting a date like a singles bar for that matter, some people were in the bar not to get a date but just to spend a good time hanging out or drinking alone.
  • Dating sites in the Internet provide the widest selection of people you want to date since individuals are permitted to browse and search through as many profiles as they want in the hope of finding that perfect date for them. An added bonus is that one can communicate with a potential dating partner anonymously and you can meet many people in a relatively shorter time.
  • Because you communicate with a potential dating partner anonymously, the fear of rejection, social complications, and awkwardness is reduced.  Since there are no face to face interaction yet, refusal is not that all damaging to one’s ego.
  • There is a greater chance of getting to know your potential dating partner better as you tend to answer your curiosities by probing the potential dates with questions about likes and dislikes, possible shared interest, and a good amount of personal information and family background or history. 

Disadvantages of Online Dating

Some of your friends were not just paranoids when it comes to online dating as there are indeed some life-threatening disadvantages. 

  • It is not safe as you do not really know who the real person behind the profile is.  Even if you have shared personal information, it is still not enough to trust that the profile is that of a person worth trusting. He or she might be a creep pretending to be nice and their personality changes occur once you meet them face to face.
  • Some people join dating sites not because they want to find dates but rather want to find potential victims if they are serial killers or scammers who are planning to victimize people with their money.
  • Online dating sites provide false hopes. People will naturally create a saleable profile and with that, browsers are given false perceptions about the person behind the profile. 
  • Some people will provide false information like faking as a single person but is a confirmed bigamist for example. 

Remember that there are individuals who were not discouraged with the disadvantages, what they did instead is find ways to protect themselves when they meet the person face to face like taking a photo with the date and sending it via MMS to their friends so that the other people knows about their online dating romance and curtail whatever bad intentions may happen after the date.    

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