Curiosity and inquisitiveness are the two elements of human nature that has led him to conquer the peaks of the mountains. His “want to change” attitude is visualized by the various developments that we come across in our lives. From the primitive Stone Age to the modern computerized era, every step of men has proved to be the milestone in the history of civilization. Accommodated with science and technology, men proved his distinction over all the creatures of the world.

We cannot imagine a life without technology. With every wink of an eye, a new innovation comes into existence. Science and technology is overriding all human activities. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we carry the torch of science in our hands to enlighten our path. It won’t be wrong to say that science has become the religion of modern world.

Technology is the practical application of science for industrial or commercial purposes. It is used to enhance human beings physically and intellectually. It is the practical application of knowledge, which has slowly developed over the years. Technology has confirmed immense boons on mankind. It draws a line between the old era of darkness and the present era of brightness, between the life of miseries and superstitions and the epoch of happiness and knowledge. Nevertheless the modern world has placed too much reliance on technology; a breakdown in technology will bring a standstill in the societies and in the economy of the world. Technology is a queer thing. On one hand it presents you with blissful gifts, on the other hand it stabs you in the back. As we look over the brighter side of the development of technology it cannot be denied that technology has made life much easier and decorous for most of the people. The biggest advantage of modern technology is the uplifting of medical science. The threatening clouds of death no longer haunt the patients who were otherwise filled with despair. Expectancy of life has increased due to the advancement in technology and proper treatment and machineries.

In the realm of communication modern technology has helped a lot. The nations are no more like closed boxes. The whole world has become like a big open box where there is no limit of incoming and outgoing information. Radio, Television, Cell phones, and Internet have made this world a global village. Distances have lost their meanings and thousands of miles are covered in splits of seconds with the help of latest technology.

The dark shadows of technology cannot be overlooked. Man is selfish by nature. In order to fulfill his jingoistic designs he stands in need of destructive weapons, which could bring about annihilation of his rivals. This weaponry advancement brings about differences and instability in the society. Another drawback is the human’s excessive dependence on machines. Man has become lethargic and relies completely on machine. 

The replacement of human labor with machines has brought about unemployment which has resulted in increased crimes rate. Another pitfall is the deadly effect of nuclear waste and environmental pollution on our mother earth. The means of entertainment has increased but these glory and glitter are ruining the moral personality of young children. They are more interested in “Facebook” rather than their literature books.

In conclusion, technology by itself is neither good nor bad. It is the intention and will of man, which makes it constructive or destructive. Knowledge without morals is always disparaging. Advent of technology without moral standards would create devils in the society. Therefore religion and humanities are as vital as science and technology for education of good members of society.

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