Who would have thought, just a few years ago, that the Internet and its associated technology would have taken off as much as it has?

Email is just one aspect of current technology that seems to have really caught on. From children to young adults to grandparents and beyond everyone seem to use Email these days. As with all things in this life, though, it has its pros and cons.

The pros

  • Quick
  • Cheap
  • Available from many venues
  • Global
  • Makes it so easy to keep in touch.
  • Able to attach huge files and images.
  • Saves the cost of expensive letters and phone calls.
  • Easy to use
  • Can be personalised
  • There is the possibility that someone unauthorised accesses your emails.
  • Helps the work environment, passing on instructions, for example.
  • Able to track your messages and keep accurate records.
  • The cons

    • Encourages less face to face communication
    • Has killed letter writing and conventional mailing
    • Has reduced the amount of conversations on the telephone
    • Spam
    • Unsolicited malicious Emails
    • Need a computer, appropriate cell phone, or the like
    • No censorship
    • Open to abuse at work.
    • In general

      Emailing can be fun and very useful. It is lovely to be able to keep in touch with friends and relatives around the world, at just a click of the button. With the only cost, often, being your electricity use and the fee for using your broadband connection, Emailing feels like a free resource.

      Many items can be sent via Email that would otherwise need to be sent by the conventional post. For example, sending photographs of newborn babies to eager grandparents at the other side of the world has never been so quick and easy.

      Nothing is ever all good though, is it?

      As we all have embraced the new technology and in particular, Emailing, problems have arisen. Spammers are having a ball ruining our happy experience. This has means that we all have needed to invest in expensive virus protection for our computers and, spend time and money updating this software regularly. If you are caught out, you may access your Email inbox one day, to find that you have hundreds, if not thousands, of junk Emails cluttering up your account and corrupting your computer.

      Another downside to Emailing is that many people seem to forgetting their basic literacy skills. Quick Emails and cell phone texting has led to a whole new set of abbreviations. This is fine in its correct place but many people have become so wrapped up in texting that they seem unable to string a sentence together anymore. Good spelling has gone out of the window and sees unimportant these days. When people have to eventually write a conventional letter it would seem that they have no idea where to start. Simply having to address an envelope can cause confusion.

      Of course, there are probably more pros and cons but these are just a few of the main ones for you to consider. For me one final negative is the amount of potential harmful Emails that are received. Adult jokes and pornography are often circulated as Emails or their attachments. As all age groups now Email this can mean that young children or someone who finds it offensive views inappropriate images or words.