When you spend a lot of time in the sun over the summer months or you are exposed to harsh chemicals as part of your job and especially during the winter months when the air is freezing cold and dry you are going to have some problems with your skin. All of these situations will dry your skin immensely, making it red, itchy and often chapped. In these situations a regular moisturizing lotion may not be enough. Instead you might want to turn to the superior moisturizer strength of body butter.

Cosmetic companies have a solution to super dry skin and it is body butters that will soak moisture back into your skin and leave it refreshed, revitalized and hydrated. Over the years they have come up with many combinations of butters and oils as well as other helpful skin healing ingredients and many of them are not only helpful, but they are also all natural. And the recent green movement has made sure that all natural ingredients are being used more.

All natural body butters use emollients such as shea butter, beeswax and coconut oil to make products that are deeply hydrating, rich feeling and good for the environment. The only negative is that because there are no preservatives used these butters have a shorter shelf life. Your typical mass produced body butter will be full of preservatives and may be good in the jar for up to a year, however natural body butter is rarely good for more than 3 months. You will even find recipes online that let you make your own body butter at home. This presents the user with both positives and negatives.

The negatives are fairly minor. Since you are making it of course it will take some of your time, but not much. To balance this a bit you'll find that making your own body butter at home is quite inexpensive. Body butter can be made at home in less than an hour from start to finish. Some ladies don't want to spend their time this way though so for them the convenience of store bought body butter outweighs the cost savings.

You will find that body butter is quite easy to make at home and one great thing is that you can customize it completely for your own skin. This means you can add whatever ingredients you feel are necessary to replenish your own skin. For some, the research for the proper ingredients is half the fun. Besides the simple shea and coconut butters there are ingredients such as macadamia nut oil, vitamin E, fragrances and other antioxidants that can be included.

Making the body butter at home means that it will have a short life span, so it will need to be used quickly. This isn't much of a problem if you plan on using it several times a week. You will easily use up whatever you can make. On the other hand, if you use it very infrequently you are probably better off just buying your body butter since it will last much longer in the jar. Even though store bought body butter is more expensive, in the long run you will be better off because you won't end up having it spoil and wasting it.

At the end of the day some women like experimenting at home like this and others like the convenience of a premade product. It doesn't really matter which road you take, the important thing is to take care of your skin like it deserves. Whether you buy it or make it, you should try a body butter treatment and see how it can help to rehydrate your skin.