The Internet has opened the door to so many activities, and one that many people seem to be enjoying is, expressing your opinions. This has meant that, many of us are now freelance writers, in some form or another and enjoying earning a little, welcome, extra cash. It is not always plain sailing though so, here is what I have discovered over the two or three years that I have been writing online.


Earn some money

Share your skills and experience

Meet new people, virtually.

Reach a wide audience

Write as and when you are able. The Internet is open 24/7.

Your writing skills should improve.


Compromise your identity or safety

Unpredictable earnings

Need to invest time and energy

Undermines traditional freelance writers


Payments often are only made when you have earned a minimum amount of money.

Receiving your payment can take time.

In general

There are so many sites available on-line where you can write but which ones should you choose?

If you are recommended a good site to write especially by a good friend then you should feel confident signing up to participate. I was recommended InfoBarrel by a person that I had come across writing for HubPages and Helium. Of course, this means that I had to rely on my gut instinct to decide if this person was trustworthy. I guessed that she would be and it seems I was right. You do have to bear in mind that people on-line are not always who or what they seem. That nice young woman aged 23 could really be a middle-aged man of 56 so you must take care.

Once you begin writing for a particular site, you will need to give it time. Usually you will need to write a fair amount of articles in order to gain a presence and a reading audience. If you are unsure of the site's writing standards, read the help guides or read what the sites most successful writers have already written.

I have joined many sites over the years but you really need to be selective. Some require a lot of effort for very few rewards. As soon as this becomes evident, it is as well to part company with them. Aim to write on as many sites as you can handle comfortably so you do not overstretch yourself. Change this as and when necessary. This flexibility is a distinct advantage with writing online.

You will need to be patient though as the rewards tend to grow with time. The more you write the more the rewards should grow. Do not expect to be able to give up the day job though unless you are very lucky, very skilled or have no other unemployment.

Remember to only give out a limited amount of personal information in your writing. When you sign up at a writing site, never give more information than that which is mandatory. Once you feel confident of the website, you may want to reassess this.

Although writing online can be a great way to earn some extra cash, it can seem like slave labour. When you first begin writing it may take time for any money to be earned. To my mind, this is what you need to love to write. If you do then you are enjoying a hobby whilst being paid to do so. This means, for me, that I never felt undervalued. Of course, now that I have written for sometime I earn money each month but that love of sharing my thoughts and experiences is what saw me through those initial meagre first few months.