Overview of the Dyson Airblade

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the Dyson Airblade -- I believe it is first best to go over a brief summary of exactly what Dyson Airblades are about.

Basically the Dyson Airblade range has been dubbed as a selection of hand dryers that are considered to be 'state-of-the-art' and are superior to that of many of the current market  hand dryers on numerous levels, (but more on that in the section of 'Advantages of the Dyson Dyson AirbladeCredit: Amazon.com -- DysonAirblade') that are primarily aimed at commerical establishments. Check the video below -- for the Dyson Airblade in action, and I would recommend you visit Dyson.co.uk and Dysonairblade.co.uk for a more in-depth view of exactly how the Dyson Airblade system works and pricing plans etc.

It is also worth noting there are a few different models of the Dyson Airblade and each will come with their own specific strengths and weaknesses -- so the following list will obviosuly be a somewhat subjective and general overview of the Dyson Airblades. Hence, before buying a particular Dyson Airblade model it would be wise to conduct specific research to that model -- in terms of its technicalities etc.

Advantages of the Dyson Airblade

Besides from looking modern and sleek, the Dyson Airblade isn't just a pretty hand dryer it has a range of additional benefits as well ...

The Dyson Airblade is 'Fast' - Dyson claim for it to be the "fastest" hand dryer yet -- taking only '10 - 12' seconds by blasting "400 mph sheets of air" at the users wet hands, removing the water with a 'sweeping' effect.  Compared to that of a standard hand dryer which can take up to more than half a minute -- causing an increased risk of spreading of bacteria as most people won't be willing to wait that long. All this is powered by the unique Dyson Digital motor 'spinning [upto] 5 times that of an Formula One engine'.[4331]

'Costs Less to Run' - due to the speed at which the Airblade cleans hands as well as the recycling of air means that it is estimated that it costs up to 80% less than other hand dryers, and it is estimated to be 97% less than that of buying in paper towels. (Check dysonairblade.co.uk to see exactly how much your total costs are -- and determine for yourself how much you can save from a Dyson Airblade)

Environmentally Friendly - Not only are you benefiting from saving in monetary costs, but also as a result of using less energy you are essentially doing your bit for reducing your carbon footprint (save on the energy use of other hand dryers, and on the amount of paper towels consumed) --hence being the only dryer to be awarded the Carbon Reduction Label. Moreover, a majority of the actual parts that make up the Dyson Airblade are also recyable.

Hygienic Hand Dryer - the Dyson Airblade has also been NSF certified (through the NSF Protocol P335) -- and is the only hand dryer to have actually done so. The HEPA filter claims to remove almost all bacteria from the air -- and along with an 'Anti-microbial coating' that dramatically reduces the possiblility of contamination from the surface of the hand dryer.

If you have any additional advantages of the Dyson Airblade then I encourage you to please share them below in the comments section.

Disadvantage of the Dyson Airblade

Relatively Expensive - although you have a range of brilliant advantages with the Dyson Airblade over the standard hand dryer  -- there is a pretty big negative aspect of the Dyson Airblade --  it comes at a cost. For example a standard Dyson AB04 Automatic Hand Dryer comes in at more than a $1000. However, as discussed above -- you may find that after calculating your relative costs and how much you can save with the Airblade -- it may make perfect business sense to purchase the Airblade, as you may find you will soon earn your money back. (You may also want to take into consideration -- the added customer satisfaction that is also likely to come with a Dyson Airblade)

If you have any additional  disadvantages of the Dyson Airblade then I encourage you to please share them below in the comments section.

The Dyson Airblade - James Dyson