If you have a website and plan to monetize the traffic coming to it then one of the things you thought about is Google AdSense. Google AdSense has it’s advantages and disadvantages when it comes to making money.

There are advantages and disadvantages of AdSense and this kind of internet advertising in general. AdSense has caused a storm on internet when it appeared, but there are also some shortcomings of AdSense to take into consideration anh also there are alternatives.

Webmasters find that AdSense has  many advantages that they can use. Google AdSense is a great tool they can use to monetize their website traffic. AdSense can be very profitable for them or at least help them with the money necessary to cover the expenses for the website.

This way all their concerns about  finding money for the website can be out of the way, so they can concentrate  on creating and improving their websites. Most importantly they can focus on creating quality content rich with keywords which will bring  even more visitors to their website.

Another advantage of AdSense is that it is very customizable in terms of size, position and color which makes it easy to experiment with. This ease of customization allows to very well integrated with the website.

AdSense is an excellent way to monetize your website, even more today it has become a business in itself. There a many webmasters that make a living out of AdSense. What they do is make a website with quality content which is being constantly updated and AdSense ads placed on it. This way they drive traffic to their website and monetize and monetize when visitors click on AdSense ads. Webmasters can place AdSense ads on all the pages of their websites through a single account. This is another advantage because they don’t need to open AdSense account for every single webpage they own.

Besides many advantages that Google AdSense has we must also mention that he has some disadvantages as well.

One of them is Google closing your account down. This is a very possible because of so called “click fraud”. Click fraud is when you click on ads on your website. But there is other very unpleasant side to click fraud. It doesn’t have to be you making the false clicks on ads. This can be your competition ar competition of the advertisers whose ads appear on your website. They do this in order to drive the marketing cost for there competitor.

Other negative side of AdSense is that money you make with it is not always constant. Every change you make to your website can have big effect on your earnings. To keep your earnings high and even increase them you need to your website ranking high on search engines at all time. This will make your site appear among first results when someone searches for keywords that are in your website content. This way you get many visitors to your website and that means more AdSense revenue for you.

Another drawback of AdSense is that if you want to be consistently successful in making money with AdSense you need to generate fresh and unique content for your website regularly. You can do this by researching your topic and writing quality and unique content, or you can as some webmasters do hire  freelance writer that can write quality content for you..

Those are advantages and disadvantages of AdSense. Will you place AdSense ads on you website is up to you.