The first advantage to consider is developing new inventions thanks to the worldwide development. It is clear that our life would be a hell of a mess without some important creations (e.g. computers,  Internet, or even a simple wristwatch). It goes without saying that these things have changed our daily routine. For the time being, the development is very important because it is able to make our lives easier. As a society, we should not stop it, because it could lead to technological backward. It is important to realize that thanks to technological development everyone can be well-informed.

Another benefit is that medicine has improved thanks to technological development. In the past, any primitive infection could lead to death. Today, we can be hale and hearty. It is really important to remember that many researches, experiments were made in a matter of our health. Without them we would be under the weather more often.

The first and the most important disadvantage is that we are more focused on and even addicted to things created by development. Innovative gadgets, unlimited access to the Internet, or even a possibility to write text messages and send them all over the world may be responsible for giving our family the cold shoulder. We can’t get ourselves to get off the rails, we should just try to get a grip on us.

The last and surely the most dangerous disadvantage is that inventions created as an effect of technological development may be used in inappropriate way. Despite appearances, modern technologies sometimes lead to catastrophes, or cause disasters. Do not forget that researchers, inventors are forced to create new technology for criminals. Afterwards, it is put into weapons, torpedoes, or even atomic bombs. 

In conclusion, all the facts suggest that technological development leads to human beings’ mental expansion and also to complacency from obtained results. Thanks to it, our life is less complicated and we can also be happy-go-lucky.

Technological development