Online shopping has changed the way we go 'window shopping' for items we use and need in our day to day lives. Over 90 percent of individuals who use the Internet to buy items do so at least once a month, with some in the habit to shop online several times a week. What is it about shopping on the web, versus going to the shopping mall, that makes them keep going back to their computer to shop?

Advantages to go online shopping.

There are many people who have yet to shop online. They prefer to go to their 'brick and mortar' store to shop. Everything you buy at the store is available online. It does not matter if you are looking for clothes, groceries, furniture, shoes, or anything else you will find it on the web. Here are some of the benefits to shopping online versus going to the store.

-The Internet is open 24/7/365.

-Saves money by not needing to use gas to find what you are looking for.

-You will not make a trip to the Mall just to find out what you want is out of stock.

-Avoid the crowded malls.

-Compare prices from many retailers easily by using services such as Google Product Search.

-No sales tax. This option works as long as the online retailer is in a different state.

-Online coupons are easy to access and use, which is a convenience and saves you money.

-There will not be a long wait in the checkout lanes.

-The receipt for your purchase is automatically emailed to you which provides convenience and saves paper.

-Specify a different ship-to address and your purchase will be delivered to that destination without you mailing it.

-Don't have to deal with crabby people.

Internet shoppers save time.

According to the American ShopperScape 2008 report:

"More shoppers use online shopping to save time than to save money. Shoppers are gradually shifting some shopping away from stores to Web sites, which may affect shopping patterns even more dramatically in the future given rising gasoline prices and time scarcity."

Online shopping is a alternative way to shop.

When you can not get to the store or just do not want to get caught up in the mall experience Web shopping is a great alternative.

Times to look at online stores include:

-Need the item quickly. You know exactly what you want and you need it quickly. You may spend hours driving to a physical store, finding a parking space and hoping they have what you need. If the item is out of stock at the first store you go on to the next store that carries what you need to buy.

-Need additional details. You know what type of item you want to buy, just not sure about the specifics.

-Finding exclusive items. You want to buy an item that it rare. Since few stores carry such the item you are looking for finding it on the Internet makes sense.

-Comparison shopping. When you are preparing to purchase something that is very expensive the Internet provides a great way to efficiently comparison shop.

-Find options for what you want to buy. You are curious and want to know what options there are for the product you want to buy. Going to several stores takes time and gas money. On the Internet you can literally go from your front door to the other side of the world with just a click of your mouse. Sit back and take your time. You will find the option that works for you.

-Privacy for your purchase. You want to make a purchase without anyone seeing you or knowing about it. Think about how nice it would be to buy a gift for Birthdays or Christmas, have it delivered to your work, and no one will ever suspect a thing.

-You are a bargain hunter. You get a charge out of finding the lowest price on whatever it is your are wanting to buy. Saving money on your purchase is nice, but not spending money on gas makes it even better.

-Can not leave your house. There is a reason you can not leave your house. When you are feeling ill, taking care of someone who is sick, inclement weather, or lack of transportation or time.

Shopping online provides a convenient alternative for purchasing your items. Going to shop at a store is what we grew up doing yet, today, the Internet has provided a second purchasing option.