There are several advantages to being a freelance writer. Some of these include the ability to make passive income, ability to supplement a regular job steady part time income and the ability to do the work at your own hours. Put simply, freelance writing allows you to work as hard as you want, whenever you want.

One definite advantage of freelancing is passive income. Linking informational websites, advertisers, and buyers of goods and services can be a tool utilized to earn passive income. Simply stated, passive income is an article that will make a small amount of money each and every month. Many online sites will also pay for essays. It allows the benefit of publishing original work online and earning a small stipend every month for it. At time when you don't have many writing contracts and deadlines it can fill the time void to keep your mind sharp.

The second advantage of being a freelance writer is supplementing a full-time job. In today's economy, sometimes a 40-hour a week job just doesn't quite cut it any more. There are people taking two or three jobs to stay afloat. Freelancing allows you to keep your targets reasonable and you can use basic math to prove it. If your goal for freelancing is to earn $100 per month in addition to your job, in effect you would be giving yourself a raise of 62 cent per hour. If your goal happened to be $100 per week, effectively you have given yourself a raise of $2.50 per hour. When was the last time a boss did that for you?

Any person with a passion for writing can become a freelance writer. Having a college degree helps, but it's not necessary. Anyone who can write has the potential to be a freelance writer. It's not quite as simple as effort in equals reward out. But an old bit of parental advice holds true in freelance writing. Two things in life will get you ahead; working hard, and lucky breaks; and if you work hard, you put yourself in a position to earn a lucky break. The internet is filled with opportunity to for freelance writers, not unlike the appeal of Frontier America. The advantages to being a freelance writer includes the fact that there are plenty of claims to be staked, it's available to most, it can provide stable supplemental income it can open new door in life never thought of possible.