Custom built golf clubs have gained much acceptance in the general golfing community in the last few decades. More affordable than ever, what was once considered only by the financially elite golfer is now accessible to the general public. A custom built golf club has many advantages over an off-the-rack club and can benefit any golfer no matter how many holes they play in a year. Custom built clubs can offer a tailored fit that can improve any duffers game and shave strokes off of a score. Custom golf equipment can be surprisingly affordable and can actually save a golfer money in the long run. The main concerns for any golfer considering custom built golf clubs is how much will they cost and how much of a bother is a custom club fitting. Both of these, in reality, are non-factors in getting a great custom made golf club.

Improve your game!

How many times has the average golfer felt uncomfortable making a shot? The course can be an enemy on the best day, but your clubs should be your weapons to fight this green beast. If your clubs are sabotaging your efforts, then what good are they? Have you ever cursed under your breath at your clubs and wished it was a bit longer or shorter, had a slightly flatter angle, more heft, less heft, a different grip, titanium versus aluminum, steel shaft versus graphite. There are literally thousands of combinations possible when all aspects of a club are considered. All of these tiny details can mean you have to tailor your shot to the club and not address the ball the way you want to. Custom built clubs can change all of this. Once you play a round with a custom built golf club designed for you and the way you will never go back to stock clubs!

Custom Built Golf ClubsA custom made golf club feels "right" because it is designed specifically for you. Imagine shaving strokes from the scorecard. How many birdies could you make eagles? How many bogies or double bogies per round can you stop? Par no longer has to be a dream. Ask any carpenter and they will tell you the right tool for the right job and it is no different with golf clubs. Any big chain hamburger joint can please the masses with a generally inoffensive hamburger, but any burger lover can take you to their favorite greasy spoon for a burger that is more tailored to their needs. When they have a choice, this is the burger they choose and not the chain burger. This should be true for clubs. Stock clubs are meant to please the average person, but a stock club can't be the best for everyone. Only from custom golf equipment are you getting the true satisfaction you seek. A custom made golf club will be your choice if given a choice. Cost doesn't have to be a factor!

Less money than you think!

The hardest part for many golfers to overcome is the perceived cost of custom golf equipment. A custom built golf club can actually be a sound investment and in the long run be cheaper than a stock alternative. How many times have you bought a product that you were dissatisfied with once you brought it home? The cost to replace this substandard item or return it to the store wasting time and gas will add up. Sometimes it is better to buy a slightly more expensive, long lasting, better performing item to SAVE money! A bad driver or putter used for a season or two and then replaced with another faulty club will only make you and your wallet angry. Custom built golf clubs can eliminate the frustration of replacing clubs time and time again. Many top end clubs like Nike, Callaway, Ping and Taylormade can also be purchased as a custom golf club clone. Companies such as Pinemeadow Golf Clubs specialize in custom clone golf clubs. You get the same performance without the extra cost. So whether you are buying a custom name brand or custom clone from Pinemeadow Golf Clubs, you will save big in the long run. This extra money you save can be put towards other equipment, greens fees, or a few rounds at the 19th Hole!

Custom built golf clubs are now easy to order, are made with high quality materials and delivered in plenty of time for even the earliest tee times.