Blue Blossom Pocket Fold Invitation (10 Pack) for DIY Pocket Wedding Invitations


Compared to even a decade ago, you will find many more people going for pocket invitations for any event. Their smaller size makes it very convenient to put anywhere and carry it. It is also easier to make. The most important factor going in its favor is that in most cases, it costs significantly less than the larger cardboard invitations with white envelopes.
Pocket wedding invitations have become such a favorite with people that it has become a lucrative business for many people. You will find thousands of websites offering readymade pocket invitation kits. However, these can be quite expensive, especially if you are ordering hundreds of them. The best option here is to buy DIY pocket wedding invitation kits and make them in your own style.
With readymade pocketfold invitations, you can do things very easily and quickly. However, you don’t have a say in how they are designed. A DIY kit gives you the freedom give your invitations your own touch. With the standard designs on readymade kits, it is difficult to differentiate your wedding event from the others. You can do that only with DIY kits, which offer tons of options to personalize invitations.

The good thing about the pocketfold wedding invitation kits is that they come with most of the things you will need to build the invitation your way. You decide the size of the invitation that you want and even change the size of the jackets. You can decorate the invitations with ribbons if you want to and also color different word in different ways. You can even decide how many pockets go into the jacket according to what favors you want include.

Attaching the bride and groom’s photos is another place where DIY pocket wedding invitation kits have an advantage over the readymade kits. With readymade kits, you will probably have an empty space in a standard position, where you can attach photos. With a DIY kit however, you choose where you want to attach the photos and also how they are. You can do a standard photo or a sketch which may be weaved into the jacket.

Also if you are going for an uncommon theme with your wedding, you might not find a readymade kit for it. In that case, a DIY kit allows you design your own theme while proving you a basic template. You can color it the way you want and also choose the fonts according to the theme to print.

As well as you can customize with a DIY invitation kit, you can also personalize it for your friends and relatives. Each one of them can have their own design according to your relationship with them. it is a great feeling for people to know that you have taken the time to design an invitation specially for you rather than just fill out a standard invitation template.

Creating an invitation right from the beginning is very time consuming and you may not as much time on your hands. On the other hand, readymade invitations, while they save your time, don’t give you many custom options. DIY pocket wedding invitation kits provide you with just the right balance to customize invitations while saving a lot of time for other preparations.