Dental health is very important because most diseases have their origin in the mouth where a number of bacteria tend to multiply in case for any infection. However, it is also a fact that what people try to avoid a visit to the dentist because of the heavy costs that it involves. To overcome this and to ensure a good dental health for yourself and your family it is a very good idea to go in for full coverage dental insurance.

At the first instance, full coverage dental insurance gives a feeling of something that is costly and many people would avoid venturing into it. However, contrary to the popular belief, full coverage dental insurance is not only a very good method of ensuring perfect dental health of you and your family, but also it is very affordable.

The amount of money that you pay for the premium of a full coverage dental insurance is negligible as compared to the risks that it covers. Besides that, it also ensures that you and your family go for regular dental checkups and take preventive treatments before any problem can take root.

Procedures Covered

As is obvious by the name, the full coverage dental insurance covers almost every eventuality that can ever take place. It takes care of all the procedures starting from normal regular checkups to the most complicated and costly treatments at no additional cost to you.

This would also include the x-rays, scaling and cleaning, corrective surgery, treatment of crown and bridges, dentures, etc.

The full coverage dental insurance scheme comes most handy when more complicated and costlier procedures like root canal treatment, braces, orthodental surgery, etc is involved. Even a simple procedure like extraction may cost quite a bit if it develops any complications. All the costs are totally looked after by the full coverage dental insurance.


If you feel that the cost of premium is unrealistic because of the fact that most of the eventualities are never going to happen, then you can easily opt for removal of certain clauses or go for simpler policies that have lesser premiums. Many a times, the clients want just regular checkups as well as simpler treatments to be done, for which there is no need to pay the high premium of full coverage dental insurance.

You could also try to opt for a discount dental network scheme. In this scheme, once you have become a member, most of the services are provided by the dentist at a highly discounted rate. The advantage of such a scheme over the schemes like full coverage dental insurance is that you do not pay for a service that we do not get. By opting to this scheme, both the dentist as well as the client stand to benefit and there is no paperwork involved since the payment is made up front is a discounted manner.

Water options you choose, a full coverage dental insurance is highly recommended because of the hundred percent cover that it provides.