Telstra has historically been the largest and fastest 3G network in Australia, but due to high prices and poor value for money, many IPhone customers have chosen better value plans from their competitors Optus and Vodafone. Since the installation of a new management team, Telstra has been fighting their competition on price and service. This has been a great win for IPhone subscribers, who can now have their Apple device on the countries best network without their wallets being gouged.

Fastest and Widest 3G Network in Australia

Telstra's biggest competitive advantage ever since the launch of 3G services in Australia has been that they have both the largest (by both percentage of population and area mass covered by their 3G service) and the fastest 3G network. Telstra invested heavily in their 3G infrastructure which has enabled them to become the dominant Smartphone carrier in the country, even when historically they were considered the worst provider for price and value for money. With Telstra's NextG 3G network, you will not only get access in far more places with your IPhone than with the other providers, even in highly populated areas especially capital city central business areas, you will generally get better 3G reception due to Telstra using the 850mhz frequency, which is able to penetrate office buildings much better than the 1900mhz frequency used by Optus and Vodafone. In places like Tasmania, Telstra is the only company to have constructed infrastructure to allow reception outside of Hobart and Launceston. If you rely on your phone and you want access everywhere from your office to the bush, Telstra is your best and often your only option.

Telstra Is Now Competitively Priced

Historically Telstra have known that they have the best network in Australia which meant that a large proportion of the Australian population were forced to use Telstra or go without reliable 3G mobile phone service. Telstra used this to justify charging both significantly higher monthly prices to access their network and they offered lower value for money in their cap plans and data allowances. With greater competition from Optus and Vodafone and a different management team, Telstra has bowed to public pressure and their plans are now competitive with the other Australian mobile players. This means you now get the best of both worlds, with access to the best and fastest network in the country for about the same price as joining one of Telstra's competitors.

Access To The Most Free WiFi Hot Spots

Accentuating their impressive network, Telstra offers their IPhone customers access to the largest network of free WiFi Hot Spots in the country. From airports to the CBD's of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, you are rarely far from a free Telstra hot spot, perfect to grab that large file or to enjoy some unmetered web surfing.

Access To The Most Exclusive Free Unmetered Content

As a sponsor of the V8 Supercars and the NRL and AFL competitions, Telstra provides free exclusive content from these events and better yet, it is unmetered meaning it does not come off your monthly data allocation.

Save Money With Bundling

Not only have Telstra's mobile phone plans become competitive in the last 12 months, you can save even more money by bundling additional services. You can save $10 a month by bundling 2 additional services, including your home phone, Internet through Bigpond, Foxtel, additional mobile phones and even pre-paid IPad data plans. As the biggest national provider of both home phones and Internet connection it shouldn't be too difficult for most Australian's to qualify for a bundled discount and the level of discount increases if you bundle more Telstra offerings.


Historically Telstra deserve their reputation as the least competitive of the major phone companies. But with a recent change of management and a desire to compete on price instead of just relying on having a superior network, Telstra is now the ultimate choice of carrier to take full advantage of the 3G connectivity of your IPhone.

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