Keyword-rich domain names are an essential part of good search engine optimization (SEO). Having a keyword-rich URL will make it easier for the major search engines to find your site when users search for terms and phrases related to your company or business. Of course, a successful SEO campaign will depend on a wide variety of other strategies, but a good URL domain name is one of the first steps and can give you a good advantage over your competitors without you having to do much work. Here are just some of the benefits that you can get from procuring a good, keyword-rich URL for your website.

Cheaper Entry and Less Marketing Time
Finding domains that are exact matches for your business's main keyword/phrase is not easy. Most of these names, for the majority of industries, are either already snatched up or ridiculously expensive. Having instead a URL that incorporates various keywords and phrases is much cheaper. It also means you'll need less links and content to start marketing it successfully. Plus, keyword-rich domain names are easy to make memorable.

Geo Targeting
Keyword-rich domains also make it easier to implement geographical modifiers into your URL. Geo targeting is an important part of online marketing, as more and more users are using the internet and major search engines to look for a wide variety of goods and services. Especially if you're trying to capture the business of a local market, having geo tags in your domain name is key. Make sure that you implement phrases and words that are specifically relevant to your niche audience.

Increased Credibility = Increased Click-Through Rates
Keyword-rich domains also increase the overall credibility of your company website and improve you online business image. This is especially good when it comes you banner ads and pay per click campaigns. If a user sees that your ad contains a URL link with relevant keywords, they're more likely to actually click on your ad. The importance of having a keyword-rich domain name is made clearer by the fact that your URL is one of the three main visual elements of most Pay-Per-Click advertisements, the other two being your ad's headline and its actual text. If you need help with PPC marketing, employ the help of a San Diego Pay Per Click company to help you gain more visitors, and potential clients, to your site.