Maglite LED conversion kits have been made available by one of the leading manufacturers of flashlights and torches in the world, Maglite. This availability gives a wide array of options to their customers who wanted to modify the original basic Maglite luminescent tungsten bulb of their torches for a more efficient, stylish, and energy-saving LED lights. LED lights are considered one of the greatest breakthroughs in lighting technology that can balance high brightness output with efficient power use that can last more than a hundred thousand hours for your flashlights compared to the conventional standard bulbs originally produced. These LED lights can save you a lot of money from changing batteries so often or changing your conventional incandescent bulbs that mostly have sensitive filaments.

With the new Maglite LED conversion kits, your flashlights or torches can now have a LED lighting system that has an effective intelligent source management which can emit powerful bright light with less battery or power consumption. These kits come with balanced optics for light adjustment as to the reflector and the LED light to achieve the right beam of lighting, has a base heat sink collar that matches the original base of the old incandescent bulb when converted to LED, and most importantly, these conversion kits can still preserve the warranty of your Maglite flashlights or torches because these have been authorized by their own factory to make things work better on their products.

There are also a lot of conversion kits available in the market supplied by the third parties involved. These conversion kits are more affordable and also compatible with Maglite products. There are Tektite kits that are fit Maglite torches with double “A” or triple “A” batteries by replacing the original incandescent bulb by Nichia LED bulb, the Terralux kits with 3-watt Luxeon LED bulbs for rechargeable Maglite torches and flashlights, the Opalec kits which can convert Mini-Maglite with step-up power supply devices, and a lot more conversion kits available in the market. However, these void your lifetime warranty with Maglite products. Though some of these kits won’t work on Maglite products, they can still be used in other brands of flashlights for conversion.

Today’s technology has provided us with ways to help us live better. From a simple flashlight or torch, LED technology has evolved into a lot of conventional products not only on the lighting system but also in energy saving. Whatever choice you made for the conversion of your Maglite flashlights, always remember that it is still best to use original Maglite LED conversion kits for a better output and a lifetime warranty of your Maglite torches.