For anyone looking to buy a backup power generator for his or her home, choosing the best one can get a little confusing. This technology has matured a lot since it was first invented and manufacturers have come up with a lot of great generators packed with innovative features that choosing among them will certainly be a big effort.

Gas vs. Propane Home Generators

The most common suggestion you will get will be to get the traditional gasoline or diesel fueled generators. They are all good. Many models today have become more fuel-efficient and durable that will serve you for many years. They now feature useful features such as low-oil automatic shutoff, electric starts, mufflers to reduce noise for the silent generator types, inverters to power sensitive electrical appliances and gadgets (laptops, PCs, etc), and many other features that can come in handy in regular use. This is great because generators have found other uses besides being just backup power sources.

The good news is that it can get better. They have invented better generators, especially for backup or emergency use, in the form of propane-powered generators. As a backup power source, only a few other generator types might outdo propane home generators. For one, propane is green! It is clean and will not cause any toxic exhaust fumes. You cannot say the same for gasoline. Second, it is non-toxic. There is virtually no health risk associated even when inhaled. Propane is odorless gas so they just include that rotten egg smell in the manufacturing process to warn users of leaks. Just make sure that you have good ventilation and the propane gas will dissipate in the air in case of leaks. Third, it is more stable and can be stored for longer periods compared to gasoline or diesel. They are conveniently stored in cylinder tanks which can be transported easily. Fourth, access to supply is getting better. While it is already relatively easy to just buy pre-filled tanks many providers are also offering continuous supply services via gas pipes (a la natural gas). This is definitely better than lining up at the gas station to buy gasoline which does not serve well in cases emergencies. Fifth, propane is relatively cheaper compared to gasoline and follows the price of crude oil and natural gas.

Propane Generator Durability and Dependability

Since propane is already in gas form, it is relatively gentler on the engines so the wear and tear is reduced. Starting is easier for a propane engine because it is already in gas form which is easier to ignite. This is a pretty useful property especially when the weather is cold. Propane home generators can start effortlessly even in sub-zero temperatures.

With these traits, it is very easy to see that propane generators are some of the best options you have when it comes to backup or home generators. They are simply dependable backup power sources and are more cost-efficient in the long run.