There are a variety of methods that sedation dentistry makes us of in order to sedate the patient or even them to sleep. In this process, the patient can be conscious throughout the procedure but certainly he or she will not feel or remember anything. This method also lowers down the fear factor that is always being associated when visiting the dentists. This is the perfect procedure especially for the most painful medical procedures such as root canals. This would be very perfect for those people who can’t visit the dentist because of fear.

Often times, it could truly be a nightmare for the dentists when there’s a patient that is afraid of a dental procedure. Even though that patient actually visits the dentist, the dentist on the other hand, will often have a very hard time doing the procedure. For the very reason that these patients will lock up their mouth, draw back and even try to stop the dentist from doing the procedure. So because of these problems, medical professional decided to put an end to this and the only way would be putting the patient to sleep. This will permit the dentist to open their mouth with no difficulties and perfectly do the procedure.

This method will only put the patient under sedation temporary; usually it depends on what specific procedure is being administered. The patient will then slowly come out from being sedated after the desired period of time but during that time their body will still feel numb and with this feeling of numbness, it will mask the pain that is associated with the last procedure. As time goes by and the patient gets back their feeling, they will then eventually start to feel the pain and by this time, they have to get all necessary medications in order to get rid of the pain.

There are some people that chose to neglect going to the dentist for check up for the reason that there’s an uncontrollable gagging reflex that they usually experience during the whole procedure. With the help of this method, it can aid them to just relax their muscles and so that the dentist can perform what they need to do with ease. For some people that have healthy teeth and gums but wants to do some cosmetic dental work but they can pull it off due to fear or pain, sedation dentistry can be the only way for this to happen.

There are still many people who get confused when they hear about sedation dentistry while some other dentists refer to it as using general anesthesia. This sedation is often done through intravenous and it really requires complete training from that of the typical dentist. A lot of dentists say that they sedate patients but only few are qualified enough to give out the medications through intravenous route.

Before there was sedation dentistry, there are a lot of people who can’t put up an appealing smile but they just allow their dental health deteriorate because of the strong feeling of fear and anxiety that keeps them away from visiting their dentists. All of that changed, thanks to the advancements particularly in dental care because a patient can now go visit their dentist and receive dental procedures without any worry. Well in fact, with the intravenous sedation, many of the patients can’t even feel a thing or even remember that they already received the procedure. If you are thinking of skipping the dentist because you are afraid then why not consider going to a sedation dentist and getting a result with a healthy and sparking smile.