Are you planning to make a business website or personal blog? If yes then you need a good web hosting solution. Unfortunately, purchasing a web hosting plan isn't as simple as it seems. There are many different types of hosting available in the market and selecting the wrong one can affect your website's performance in a lot of ways. The most popular types include shared, VPS and dedicated server hosting. Each one has it's pros and cons and targets a unique set of people. Semi-dedicated hosting is a new kind which is becoming very popular because it offers the power of a dedicated server at the affordable cost of VPS.

In this article we will talk about some advantages of this new kind of hosting.

- In semi dedicated hosting a single server is usually shared by 4 to 8 people. Due to this low number, the server runs smoothly and websites don't slow down. In shared servers if a single website starts using a lot of bandwidth then the whole server crashes but in semi-dedicated hosting such a thing can't happen. 

- The monthly cost of a semi dedicated server ranges from $50 to $80 which is much lesser than that of managed dedicated server hosting. It varies with the number of people sharing a single machine. Greater the number of sharing entities, lower is the cost. 

- Often several semi-dedicated servers are combined to create a single synchronized system. If a single server goes down then the websites stay online because of the other servers in the system. In other words, websites face zero downtime. This amazing feature is known as Failover add-on.  Other types of web hosting rarely provide this option to webmasters.

- In addition to the special features given above, semi dedicated hosting plans come bundled with all standard features like database management, POP3 email, script installer, extra IP addresses (these addresses is used for SEO purposes just like C class hosting) and website builders etc.

Before you start working on your website, you must calculate your site's requirements and choose a web hosting plan accordingly. This step is very important and ignoring it may decrease your site's search engine ranking and credibility in the future. Semi dedicated hosting is becoming very popular due to it's superior features and low cost. If you can't afford a dedicated server but want more security and resources than shared hosting then this is something you must consider.

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