Small desks

, in a somewhat surprisingly trend, are becoming increasingly popular among consumers shopping for both the home and the office. While there isn't a single "one size fits all" reason for this development, there are many common reasons that some people are finding themselves joining the growing groups of consumers who are throwing out the "bigger is better" mantra for a more manageable sized piece of office furniture.

Small computer desks, for example, often just make sense. Many people use laptops now, which don't need nearly the space for wires, towers, or monitors that the old desktop systems did. Even if a person goes with a desk top computer, most monitors are flat screens now, also reducing the need for space. In that type of a situation, why not get a small desk? It saves space, is easier to move, fully functional, and often times the smaller models are going to be cheaper than the larger models.

Small writing desks are another classic example of this. A large bulky writing desk made from oak weighing a couple hundred pounds is going in one place: an office. And it's staying wherever it gets set down. A small desk can be put in a bedroom, an small home office, or even a corner of a bedroom for a work station. The options are much more bountiful with the less expensive, but still well crafted, smaller desks.

So what are some more of the general advantages, regardless of specific desk type or style? One is forced organization. With a huge desk that has a wide surface, it's easy to create a mess. Papers, folders, books, files, the computer, magazines, print outs - all of these can easily clutter up a work area to make it pretty much a disaster area. On the other hand, someone with a desk that has less than half that surface area is going to be forced to be tidier and more organized, because there simply isn't room for an alternative. Even beyond that, this can cause greater efficiency. If you only have a very limited amount of space, then only the most important work is going to be put in front of you, which also means that will be the only work you spend a lot of time on.

Small desks are making a huge comeback, and with some of the built in advantages they offer, it's actually not hard to see why once you think about it a little. While there is always going to be a place for the larger and more traditional office desks, and certainly for the L-shaped or "corner" desks, as technology makes good working areas smaller, the much tinier mass of a small office desk is definitely going to give it some inherent advantages over the competition.