There are currently over 35 Therapeutic Gymnastics programs for the treatment of various diseases and conditions, with practical application and success in rehabilitation and recovery of lost functions, among which Cardiovascular Diseases and Hypertension, Disease arterial and venous circulatory, bronchial asthma and respiratory diseases, hemiplegia, paraplegia, diabetes Mellitus and Obesity and metabolic diseases, orthopedics, Epilepsy, Arthritis and Arthritis, Osteoporosis, and polyneuritis Epidemic neuropathy, motor disorders, Spine Problems, Problems feet and knees. There are also therapeutic for specialty care Conduct Disorder, Hyperactivity Disorder and Shyness, Treatment for addictions, Alcoholism, Smoking and Drug Addiction. Personality Disorders, Stress and Anxiety, Depression and other emotional disorders. Diseases such as Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome.

Disabled People have different possibilities of therapeutic care, with emphasis on physical exercises. The Structure of a Fitness Center or Therapeutic Area, allows Local Physiatrist, an Area and Therapeutic Physical Exercise for Health Maintenance, Massage Area, Area of Physiotherapy. Area and Therapeutic Physical Exercise for Health Maintenance provides services Physical Exercises Western and Eastern Asia, such as style Taiji (Taichi), Taiji Qigong and Yoga. Area Massage, Massage serves Aesthetic, Therapeutic, Sports, Shiatsu and Sports General, Therapeutic Shiatsu and Acupressure Technique or acupressure. The Area of Physiotherapy, provides various services, such as infrared heat, diathermy or dynamic Current, Laser, Ultrasound, Magnet Therapy, Acupuncture, among others.

Multidisciplinary team or group:

1. Specialist in General Medicine.
2. Specialist in Psychology.
3. Medical Physiatrist.
4. Physiotherapy Technician.
5. Licensed and Therapeutic Physical Education Specialist.

Phases of treatment

1. Comprehensive Diagnosis of the patient.

2. Guidance of therapy.

3. Control and Evaluation of treatment.

There are four basic principles for health and we must take into account, such as dietary habits that promote health, lifestyle and alcohol-free snuff, the regular or systematic physical exercises and psychosocial support Wide. This work is important the contribution of Therapeutic Gymnastics Human Development, which is defined by UNESCO, as the process of enlarging people's passions and expressed level of welfare achieved regardless of the level of development achieved in three essential options are: To live a long and healthy life, acquire knowledge and have access to the resources needed to achieve a decent standard of living. Among the values that complement these options are, the opportunities for a creative, productive life and the enjoyment of self-respect.

Indicators Of Physical Activity And Quality Of Life

1. Increased life expectancy.
2. Decreased years of onset and duration of chronic noncommunicable diseases and extending the life of people.
3. Percent of population with chronic non-communicable diseases including Therapeutic Rehabilitation Programs.
4. Increasing levels of growth, development and physical efficiency of the population by age group, sex and residential areas.
5. Percent of population in preschool and school age who receive physical education program.
6. Institutional
7. Extracurricular
8. Individual
9. Number of faculty specializing by inhabitants.
10. Percent of services with Physical Education Teachers of students in the education system.
11. Percent of total enrollment receiving compulsory physical education and duration in years or grades of the same within the education system.
12. Percentage of time within the curricula and the school weekly schedule is devoted to physical activity per student.
13. Percent non-school population is considered:
14. Systematic practicing physical activity (three frequencies per week).
15. Occasional participant (no systematic but practical).
16. Stadiums Assistance, Skills, or follow events on television.

It is important to treat various diseases, but we give priority to the Prevention of Health, for which there are several programs geared to these ends, most notably, attention to pregnant women, special attention to child the period of infancy and preschool education for health, mass vaccination campaign, attention to hypertension, AIDS Prevention, the primary psychological care, care for the elders of the Third and Fourth Age, the realization Plans against a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking and alcoholism, as well as programs of physical activity and health. The PE teachers can develop physical activity programs and Community Health, aimed at providing services in the Grandparents Circle, Musical Aerobic Gymnastics, gymnastics with Infants, Gymnastics with the child, with Pregnant Gymnastics, Groups preparation Adult Physical and walking groups, jogging and running. To provide greatest scientist in this important field, which is the Therapeutic Gymnastics, methodological guidance is for the Control and Evaluation of recovery treatment and rehabilitation of health, among which are the Pedagogical Test Application, Implementation of various Therapeutic Gymnastics programs, taking into account the duration of treatment, compliance with the principle of gradual and progressive increase of charges, as well as compliance with the principle of accessibility and individualization. Other guidelines are directed to a combination of therapeutic methods for various diseases, attention to associated diseases, to give personalized attention, given drug treatment and are performed using measurements of blood pressure and heart rate in patients before of physical exercises. The Therapeutic Gymnastics is directed at patient satisfaction, taking into account the useful employment of leisure time, encouraging the rehabilitation and health maintenance, providing short, medium and long term, increased quality of life people.

* Epistemological investigations clarify the scope of remedial gymnastics and therefore constitutes a working tool for teachers of therapeutic areas and Physical Education.

* The systematic dissemination through various mass media, increased knowledge of the Therapeutic Gymnastics, its causes, consequences and treatment in the general population.

* Advances in science and technology provide a solid foundation in the effective and efficient rehabilitation of various diseases.

* The integration of activities and therapeutic techniques and group work or multidisciplinary team, including solid aspects that contribute to achieving effective and efficient results in treating various diseases.

* The link school and / or Health Center - Family - Community is very important for achieving positive results in the rehabilitation of various diseases.