Holga cameras hark back to the 1980s where they were first manufactured in Hong Kong as a cheap camera with a plastic lens. In comparison with the modern digital cameras of today which are chock full of features, the Holga may seem awfully outdated and archaic. Yet if you take a closer look, the Holga camera has some significant advantages over a digital camera. If you are wondering why should anyone want a Holga, read on.

Holga cameras are unique
Holga pictures have characteristic vignetting around the edges of their photographs. These are the dark corners around the picture and are caused by light leaks into the film chamber due to manufacturing flaws. Now, rather than being a defect,vignetting has given Holga an iconic trademark. No two Holgas are the same. Even if they are the same model, the light leak effects within each unit would produce very different photograph characteristics, pretty much a unique identifier of the owner. Compared to the dull, hyperpolished photographs from digital cameras, Holga shots are truly unique.

Holga cameras test your creative skills
In contrast to modern digital cameras where everyone can take a photo, using a Holga largely depends on your imagination and creativity to frame the shot. It is also the same reason why we revere master artisans. Digitally edited and touched up images are akin to manufactured goods, one amongst a million. Instead, the back to basics photography of the Holga makes that one shot all the more treasured.

In the age of instant gratification where a bad photo is instantly deleted from the memory card, the main draw of a Holga is the anticipation in not knowing what you'll get. The way the pictures turn out would always be a package of surprises. Bring joy and delight back into your photography!

Holgas cameras are simple to use
Have you ever been confused by the settings on a DSLR? Well I have. In comparision, the Holga is a simple point and shoot camera. No training is required and everyone can try it out.

You'd never run out of battery
As Holgas are fully mechanical, you'd never run out of battery like a digital camera. The flash unit utilizes AA batteries which are widely available everywhere. What about storage? Sure you can take a thousand shots on a digicam, but which pictures are really truly treasured? It is those rare moments where time, light, the Holga camera, the subject and you come together where magic is created. You can't duplicate that with a thousand random shots.

Holga cameras are lightweight
As they are made of plastic, they weight close to nothing. Hence they are convenient to lug around everywhere you go!

Holga cameras are cheap
The basic model retails for under 30 dollars. Hence it is a perfect way to start experimenting in photography rather than spend thousands on a complicated behemoth like a DSLR.