Optus makes recharging your pre-paid mobile phone online as fast and easy as possible. No matter if you have a latest generation iPhone or Blackberry or you choose to use an older generation of phone, Optus online recharge will have your account topped up and your phone ready for use in no time.

Online Bonuses

To encourage their customers to take advantage of the online recharge facility, Optus offers a range of bonus's and additions to the standard pre-paid cap inclusions. The higher the recharge amount the greater the reward. Often 2 adult movie tickets are offered as an additional bonus for online recharges greater than $50. For recharges in excess of $30, additional cap usage is added to the account. Even for smaller recharge amounts, by paying online Optus grants additional SMS's, talk time or data in addition to the standard cap offerings as a free reward. If you are recharging your phone credit anyway, it makes sense to maximize your value for money and use the free and easy online recharge facility that Optus has provided.

Range of Payment Options for Online Recharge

A wide range of payment options are available to recharge your Optus pre-paid mobile phone account online at the Optus website.

  • Credit Cards – All major credit cards are accepted
  • Debit Cards – No credit card, no worries. Use your bank issued debit Visa or Mastercard to recharge your phone using your own money
  • PayPal – Optus has recently added the flexibility of topping up your pre-paid account with PayPal, the world's number one non-credit online financial service
  • Voucher – Collect a pre-paid voucher from any service station, Coles, Woolworths or most ATM's and use this voucher to recharge your pre-paid credit online.


Optus has made it as simple as possible to recharge your pre-paid credit online through their well-designed web site. Just enter your mobile number and select your payment option and within seconds your account will be topped up and you will be able to call and text your friends and use 3G Internet to watch the latest YouTube videos or keep abreast of your social contacts via Facebook and Twitter.


For ease of use, the best method to add credit to your pre-paid mobile phone is to use the Optus online recharge facility. With the movie tickets or additional credit bonus's that Optus offer their customers online in addition to the competitive pre-paid cap inclusions in their standard plans, it makes sense for customers to maximize their included value and recharge online via the Optus website.

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