First off, you need to find a bank that offers online banking. Not all banks will allow you to get online to move your funds from account to account, but most do. The best way to find out if your bank allows this is to simply call them or ask a financial adviser at the bank. If they do offer it, they will be able to walk you through step by step to set up your online account. Most online banking requires a lot of security so that people can not access your account and take your money.

Paying bills online.

Another great feature with doing your banking online is that you can actually pay your bills without ever leaving home. Most big companies will allow you to send your payment via internet. You can also set up your account where a certain amount of money is taken out and paid to a certain business or person each month. This helps if you have a bill that stays the same price every time you receive it. So they next time you get your bills in, check to see if they can be done through your bank. But before setting up auto-pay, make sure that the amount that will be coming out of your account is the correct total. You do not want to be overpaying for something and not even realize it. So even if you decide to set it up where it reoccurs, be sure to check your account now and again to make sure the deductions are correct.

Making transfers is easy.

No longer will you have to get in your car and physically go to the bank. Now it is as simple as just a click of the mouse. Most banks will let you transfer money from one of your accounts (0r someone else's account) for free. But depending on how much you are trying to transfer, and if the other account is with another bank, there can be some small fees.

Accessing your account.

Most banks will have current information about your account, so that you can see how much money you have even when the bank is closed. While there might be some delay, it should show up on your online statement soon. This way, you do not have to wait to receive your statement in the mail. You can watch your withdrawals and deposits as they happen. It is much easier to track your spending this way, then to guesstimate and see what you have spent for the entire month.