The cradle of life, the heart of darkness, the African jungle, many things have been said about the continent of Africa, but few can some up the entirety of the continent. Wild but at the same time civilized, beautiful but at the same time rugged, many things can be seen and experienced throughout Africa.

Safari tours and city street walking are both things that can be found in countries from Kenya to South Africa, but few ever take the opportunity to see the sights. Adventure traveling is about more than just taking a vacation, it is about seeing the wonders of the earth and her beauty. Although there is danger, excitement, and culture in African safari tours, there are also rewarding experiences that cannot be forgotten.

Many companies and travel agencies offer safari tours through parts of the African wilderness, but few claim to give you African tours, not just of nature but of culture as well. As adventure traveling through nations such as Ethiopia and Kenya will show you, there is more to be seen than simply wildlife.

The culture, people, and cities of Africa are all very much different, and offer things such as street vendors and custom-made fabrics and items for purchase and perusal. The amount of talented artists, artisans, and craftsmen that dot the African landscape is astounding. Adventure traveling through African safari tours will bring you more sites and knowledge of the cradle of life than any book or resort ever could.

For many adventure travelers, a journey to East Africa means an adventure through nature. For these travelers, there will not be disappointed. East Africa boasts some of the most diverse wild life and ecosystems on the globe, and many an exotic animal can be seen up close and personal in their wild habitat.


African safari tours will give you a first hand experience with the life of elephants, giraffes, lions and more. These animals are considered some of the most sought after creatures in the world and can only be seen by taking safari tours around the continent of Africa. The adventure and excitement that can be had on such an adventure vacation is many times worth the price of a ticket.

African Safari Tours

Not all African tours, however, are the same. Many safari vacations can cost an arm and a leg and only give you a very small glimpse into the nature and life that is Africa. Safari tours are almost always worth it but, however, tend to be better in some areas than others. Your best bet to see both the nature and wildlife with any travel plan is to stay more than a few days.

A short trip through Africa will only yield as much as you and your travel agency put into it, so pick a good travel agency. It is best to find and African safari tours provider before leaving for Africa in order to obtain the right times and dates for your Safari. Choose a company that has experience in several countries and regions in order to gain the best service and most diverse options for an African safari tour.

The price of a good African adventure vacation can sometime be quite high. Flight costs, hotel stays, food and shopping can all take their toll on your wallet. Be sure, however, to save back money to spend on safari tours. The nature of Africa is something that should not be missed. In order to save time and money while in Africa, book your tour beforehand with a professional African safari tour travel planning company. Find a good service, travel to Africa, and have an adventure.