If you're looking for a great day out for the whole family, then Adventureland in Iowa is a fantastic choice. With over a hundred rides and attractions, as well as plenty of sideshows, snacks, fun and games, Adventureland is the perfect day for kids and adults alike. With rollercoasters, water rides and shows there's something to please everyone here. And there are plenty of attractions for little visitors too!

Taking a large group to Adventureland might prove pretty costly though, so it's a good idea to look around for coupons to get discounts. In this article we're telling you where to get the best deals on Adventureland coupons, so before you start planning your fun family day you might want to read on and save yourself some cash.

In Store Coupons

Through an arrangement with a couple of businesses, Adventureland offers discount coupons to customers. You can pick up coupons from HyVee or Taco Johns stores in the Iowa area. Obviously, you'll need to be a customer of one of these businesses to qualify, but you'll get some great discounts, so it's worth dropping by for a taco before you hit the amusement park!

Mall Coupons

Secondly, Adventureland also has an agreement with Jordan Creek Mall to supply coupons. Head over to the mall and you'll find an Adventureland kiosk where you can pick up your coupon during mall opening hours. You won't need to buy anything from the mall either, all you need to do is show up and ask!


Two Kids and a Coupon is a great site that lists coupons and discounts for families who want to visit attractions all over the country with their kids. They list a few deals for Adventureland, so you might want to check them out. You'll probably need to be travelling with children in order to take advantage of most of their offers, however.


Destination 360 offers tons of information about Adventureland, so you might want to make this site your first stop. The info they offer includes a list of places to get coupons as well as any other special offers that currently give discounts on entry to Adventureland. This is a great one stop shop for all the details you'll need to plan your day out.


As you've already probably guessed from the name, Iowa Amusement Park Deals offers discounts and information about all the amusement parks in Iowa, including Adventureland. You'll find tons of information here and if there are any special offers on at the moment or any coupon codes available you'll be sure to find them on this site.


Catch Des Moines is a website dedicated to all the attractions, cultural events and shows that are in the greater Des Moines area. This, of course includes Adventureland. There's a lot of valuable information on this site, and for every attraction they list Catch Des Moines also has a coupon code tab that you can click on to find any available codes. Check them out!

The Polk County Parks and Recreation Department

Adventureland is in Polk County, Iowa, and the county's Parks and Recreation Department regularly offers discount coupons to visitors. You can simply call and ask for them, and the coupon will be sent or emailed. Alternatively, you can pick up your coupon in person if you're in the area already. This is a very reliable source if you're looking for a good discount.

Other Avenues

Finally, there are a few other ways that you can get discount coupons for Adventureland. There is a very good group discount for groups of fifteen or more, and you might be able to find a couple of other families to team up with so that you can qualify for this discount.

Many Iowa businesses also receive corporate discounts, so if you live and work in Iowa you should ask your company's HR department if they have a corporate discount, which is often as much as half off your ticket price.

Adventureland also offers special prices for students, the disabled, pregnant women and even those with some form of injury (such as a broken arm), so if this applies to anyone in your party you should mention it at the gate to get your discount.