My adventures in writing began at the tender age of six years old.  It began not

through writing, but through reading.   Bedtime stories such as Mother Goose and

Grimm’s fairy tales allowed me at only six years old to travel to many strange and

new lands, and in these new lands I wore a beautiful ball gown and danced a

waltz with my Prince Charming as my glass slippers clinked on the sparkling

marble floor.  As the years rolled by my adventures advanced into the deep blue

sea as Hans Christian Anderson brought me into his world of mermaids, and also

taught me to count with an inch worm. 


In my teen years I yearned to write those stories that had inspired me as a small

child.   And so, determined to accomplish my dreams, I walked into the office of

the editor of The Dallas Morning News and asked for a job.  The editor was kind

enough to speak with me, but then kindly asked me to return upon completion of

High School and College.  I was only sixteen at the time. 


Time went on.  I finished High School and I completed College as well.  I also got

married and had three children, so for a span of twenty years my writing

experience in a sense “took a nap.”  Then, when I thought I had given up all hope

of ever writing, something drastic  happened.  One of my children became very ill. 

My stress levels jumped dramatically due to his illness, and one dark and humid

night, after everyone had long gone to bed, I wiped the stress of the day from my

face, turned on Word on my home computer and began to write a story.  Within

one hour I had written three pages, the next day I wrote a whole chapter.  Soon

after I found myself up all night pounding into my keyboard as word after word

raced forward.  My new characters cried and laughed and I cried and laughed

with them!  Six months later my story was complete, but I had no one to read it.  I

decided to create a blog and joined other bloggers who had an interest in the

topic of my fictional story.  Within days I received wonderful reviews that brought

smiles and tears of joy to my eyes.  Within a few short months I developed online

friendships with other amateur writers from all over the world. 


Writing for me has been an escape into a world of pure imagination.  It has given

me friendships that otherwise would never have existed.  And it all began with a

long flowing ballgown, glass slippers and a sparkling marble floor.