Are you thinking of saving a lot of money by advertising your website on Google and other search engines for free, without spending a single penny?

There is nothing wrong with that, getting organic traffic from the search engines is the best possible traffic you can get.The traffic will never stop as long as your site is online, people are interested in what you have to offer and best of all it does not cost you anything after you have created the information (or outsourced it) and have an excellent or service product to sell.

The traffic from search engines is highly targeted, people who type in your "exact key phrase" often need to solve a problem they have and  if you can offer a solution you will earn money.

All you need is a small percentage of people to click through to your website every day, you will make a few sales or at least a few sign ups for your newsletter.When people sign up for your newsletter you have the opportunity to build a relationship with them over time by sending them useful and helpful information about your products and services.

Getting neverending targeted traffic from the search engines would be the optimal situation, the "Holy Grail" of all Internet marketers.Everyone would love to be on the first page of Google, Bing and Yahoo, but unfortunately the competition is very hard these days.You cannot just slap up a simple website with a banner and expect to earn a lot of money.It simply does not work that way.

Small businesses and larger corporations have advertising budgets which means that they can use paid advertising, mainly PPC (Pay Per Click). This does not guarantee they will get better results.Most often advertisers use Google Adwords and their ads will be placed on websites of  Google Adsense members.

Every time their ad shows up on a website that has content about the product they are selling and someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser will pay a small fee and get highly targeted visitor to his/her website.The publisher will earn money for every click.

Google changes their algorithm several times per month, something that used to work before does not necessarily work anymore.You can cheat the search engines for a short time but they will catch up with you sooner or later.If you are looking for a permanent solution you just need to play by the rules.

Google made a few bigger algorithm changes in 2012, Panda and Penguin.Many webmasters lost their entire livelihood thanks to these updates and had to start from scratch.

Google´s informal corporate motto is "Don't Be Evil".It is not a good idea to try to "cheat the system".Instead, we need to think about providing helpful and useful information for the people who are looking for a solution to their problems.

It is also good to mention that Google and other search engines are not the only way to get traffic to a website.I recommend you also look into other ways of getting traffic to your site and diversify it as much as possible.

For instance, guest posting is very popular at the moment.People are writing content for big blogs like and other blogs not only to get a link back to their own site but also to get readers and new subscribers.

High traffic blogs are always on the look for great content.You should not keep all the eggs in the same basket and rely completely on organic search engine traffic.There are many other free and low-cost options available as well.

This article is about how to advertise on Google for free.When you follow these six simple tips your website/blog will have a much better chance of ranking on the first page and getting a lot of targeted traffic.Marketing has changed a lot, but a few things will always remain the same.

#1.Do keyword research
According to there are over 14.19 Billion indexed websites (February 2013).How can you expect that your site would be #1 for any keyword? Someone wins the lottery every week too, but it is not likely.If you are looking to make money it is not enough to just write a great article and hope that people would find it.

You have to do keyword analysis in order to find keywords that have low competition and potential to earn money.You can use Google Keyword Analysis tool which is free, or use some of the professional tools like Market Samurai or Niche Market Finder.

#2.Exact match domains
It will be very difficult to rank for an exact match domain if the domain is new and it does not have a lot of unique and useful/helpful content and videos.EMD`s have ranked really well because the keyword phrase is the same as the domain name, but this does not work anymore.

#3.Build relationships and be Social!
Almost everyone has joined Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or some other social networking site.Social media is really important if you want to advertise on Google for free and get on the first page.Interesting blog posts are often shared on Facebook and this will definitely help to get a better ranking.For instance, posts written in list form or "Top 10" are easy to share and get lots of traffic.

#4.Comment on blogs the right way - Be helpful!
Many people do blog commenting because they think they can get a "do follow" link back to their site to to improve their own website ranking.

A few years ago you could get a great ranking just by leaving spammy comments on blogs but it does not work anymore.Most blogs approve comments manually these days and spam comments will be deleted.

Blog commenting is not dead, you can get a lot of traffic to your site if you participate in the discussion and leave a helpful comment."Thanks for sharing" or "Good comment" - type comments are a waste of time.Comments like that will never be approved.

#5.Less is more
The best way to advertise on Google for free is just to provide information that people are looking for.Most people write short 300 word articles and think it is enough.It is impossible to explain anything in just 300 words.Search engines prefer long articles because there is more content to index.A good quality article is at least 1000 words and contains links to other resources and videos.

#6.Forget about duplicate content
Would you read the same book twice? It is the same with search engines, they will not publish the same information twice.Many webmasters believe they can grab articles from article directories and publish them on their own sites.It does not work that way, you need unique content that is helpful for the reader or you will have no chance to rank well in the search engines.

I hope these 6 simple ideas will help you to advertise on Google and also other search engines without spending too much money.All you really need to do is provide truly helpful and useful information and use keyword phrases that has not too much competition.