Car Wraps - Make Money

When most people think of making money, the first thing that crosses their mind may not be putting advertisements on cars for money.

Most think of getting a second job, where they have to rush home from the first, possibly get changed or even arrange for childcare, making earning money part time not even worth it in some instances.

But car ads can actually start to net a pretty little penny, if you know what you are doing and are hooked up with the right agency to help get you out there and in front of advertisers willing to speng the money to post their billboards on your car.

First of all you should know that some advertise cars for money companies are scams, many are not and you’ll need to do your homework to figure out who is who.

Check online for reputable car advertising agencies and does a cross check with the Better Business Bureau and even the Federal Trade Commission to make sure there aren’t any unsavory complaints that may allude to a scam car ad company.

Ads on cars for money, is actually a simple concept. Basically, you wrap your car using a company ad for a fixed price and length of time. The money you could make could range from $200 dollars a month to $500 dollars a month on average. There are a few factors that affect how you are paid.

  • The age of your car – Don’t get an old clunker or a beater for this type of program. You will make more money on a car that is in good shape and aesthetically pleasing. Also remember that a vintage car might tend to have a certain appeal to some advertisers, so while a 1992 Corolla may not be the best type of car for these ads on cars program, a well maintained and vintage1950 Chevy pickup might have some appeal to advertisers.
  • The size and car type – For obvious reasons a high profile or more luxury vehicle will net you more money.
  • Your location – Living in Washington DC, will get you a higher monthly payment for the ads on cars program, then say living in rural Iowa. So keep your expectations lower if you are in a smaller or remote town that doesn’t have a large population reach.

There are also great benefits to wrapping your car with a cool company ad. You will get some IRS write off options with mileage and other expenses to actually keep your car running, since you’ve become mobile signage and literally your own business.

You may also want to hook up with more than one mobile ad company, to make sure you have the highest level of exposure. You should also know that many ad agencies and companies do not pay to wrap your car.

That might be an expense that you have to incur. Make sure it financially makes sense or build it into your monthly rate. You should also know that this sort of up front work is likely also a write off as well.

Remember to have fun. And know that there are many ways to make money. Advertisements on cars for money, is just one.