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Advertising an online business offline is a challenge!

On October 17, 2010 I rented a space at a local outdoor Flea Market to promote how to generate revenue online for free. I thought people would be so interested how someone could write content online to generate revenue using all free resources but as the day went on I realized people are more skeptical than open-minded. 95% of the people who walked up to my table immediately asked "what's the catch"? I explained to everyone I write articles, blogs and create free websites online about topics that interest me and place Pay Per Click Publisher Networks Ads such as Google Adsense ( I used Google Adsense as an example because most people have heard of it) throughout or around my content and when someone visits my article, blog or website I generate revenue from impressions and I also generate revenue from clicks. At least half the people made a face at me and some looked at me with a blank look and walked away mumbling something. I have heard most people are skeptics and I use to be one of them but when your the person who is speaking the truth and wants to pass along proof that it can be done, trying to recruit people to follow and to help people in general in person is super tough. By the end of the day I was exhausted.

Let me share with you how my day went. In order to attract people to my table, I asked a few local small businesses to donate gift certificates to raffle off for free while I promoted the businesses and my blog at the same time. Again most people could not believe I was raffling off gift certificates for free. Only fifteen people wrote their names on a piece of paper and placed it in the bag and came back at the time of the draw. In order to be eligible to win you had to be present to accept the gift certificate and that was in print on my collage. I had the itinerary of the raffle times posted. Below is the first picture I took when the day started.

Flea Market Advertising

I had to be at the Train Station parking lot by 6:00 am to be able to get a spot with my car. In a town named Bellmore has a Flea Market a couple of times a month. The above picture was taken about 8:30 am. The first raffle draw was at 11:30 am. I had three people come up to me to ask me about what I did online and took a handful of the business cards I created with my blogs URL printed on them. The first few hours of the day was very quite but three people spoke with me for at least twenty minutes asking me questions how to go about writing online to generate income. I answered their questions the best I could and they were appreciative and left with a positive outlook. These three people did not place their names into the bag because they told me they would not be there at the time of the first raffle but were genuinely interested with the opportunity.

After speaking with the third person I looked at the time and it was 10:45 am and I had not one name in the bag to pick a name out. I had to think of something. This was the first time I ever did something like this. I had a few pieces of paper in my car and with a marker I wrote Free Raffle - 1 Free Entry and the times of each draw and taped them to my table and to the front of my car to attract people walking in the other lane on the other side. I then started to shout free chance to win one of four gift certificates to local businesses and only three people filled out a piece of paper with their names on it and placed it into the bag. While they were waiting for 11:30 to come they all asked me what I did online to earn money and I spoke with each of them and handed them a few business cards with my blogs URL typed out on them. I made a few more contacts and the people started to become interested. Below is a picture of the table with the signs I placed on it to attract people to join in to win a gift certificate.


Advertising Offline At Flea-Markets


OK, the first two winners were thrilled but I forgot to ask if I could take a picture of them to use for my blog. The next two winners I did remember to ask and they agreed willingly. I'll post them below.

As the day went on a few more people walked up to me to chit chat about what I do online and handed out more cards and hope to see them become a follower of my blog. I wanted to attract attention to get people in the area I live to join in and hope they follow my lead and hope to work with them in the future.

I do understand when marketing an opportunity to people the odds of them following through are not high but I did accomplish what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to advertise and even though there were hundreds of people walking by I noticed so many people afraid to walk up to the table because most are skeptics and feel you want to sell them something or pay to join. The people walking by did look at my sign and saw my blogs URL and that was the point. The next time they see me I have a feeling more people will walk up to the table because when I raffled off the gift certificates and handed them to the winners people stopped and looked and couldn't believe I gave something away for free. Most felt there had to be a catch of some kind and many mouths dropped.

I will definitely will do this again and will do it better. I made mistakes and learned as I went along but next time I'll do it ten times better. Below are the last two winners who came back to the table to be present for the draw and they were both so happy. I had my business cards placed in the gift certificates so when they open it they will see my blogs URL. It will remind them where and when they won the prize and hoping they become a follower too. Advertising offline is tough and I learned so much but I would do it again and do it better than I did the first time.

Third Winner: Won a $25.00 Gift Certificate To Red Fish Grille a local business who donated.




Fourth Winner: Won a free haircut and blowout at Salon d Arel a local business who donated.


Fourth Winner


The next time I do this I will write about it. I'll do a much better job next time.