We have all seen a mouth watering burger in an ad in our cooking magazine or featured on a commercial during our favorite TV sitcoms, but how do they make the burgers look so good.  Good news is you photograph the perfect burger!

Step #1:  Find the Perfect Bun

You want a bun that has no wrinkles.  If you want your bun to have sesame seeds, it might be best to use glue and tweezers to set the seeds perfectly on the bun.  Many advertisers use a waterproof spray so the bun will not get soggy.

Step #2:  Make the Meat Look Perfect

It might be surprising, but most burgers that you see in photographs are not cooked.  Photographs request that burgers are only cooked on the outside to keep it staying plump and moist.

To give the burger more color many use oil and brown coloring to paint on the burger to give it the rich color. Grill marks can also be added using a hot metal skewer.

Step #3: Cheese

If you are going to photograph a cheeseburger, melt the cheese like you would if you were making a regular burger.  But to keep the cheese fresher, brush the cheese with a household cleaner.  It will also help make the cheese look melting longer.

Step #4: Veggies

The last step to make the perfect a burger to photograph is to pick the perfect vegetables.  It is always a good idea to have back up vegetables during the shot.  For lettuce, you want to use pieces that have no brown spots.

Tomatoes can be complicated because of how fast they lose freshness and they can discolor other parts of the burger (like the bun).  To get the best appearance use a piece from the center of the tomato.   Some photographs will remove the interior of the tomato to reduce moisture and almost all spray the piece with a mixture of water and glycerin to keep it looking fresh.

Step #5: The Finishing Touches

Now onto the most important step!  You can have the perfect burger but if it is not set up correctly, there is nothing you can do about it.  It is highly recommended to use a toothpick or other stable material to keep the burger together.  A toothpick is very helpful is you have piled on lots of condiments.

Now, just play with the lighting and background to find the perfect fit to make your burger pop!