The Hilariously Efficient Honda Fit

Game Informer Magazine is known for promoting and reviewing upcoming and new video games. Its general audience are males eighteen through thirty-four. It is the most popular video game magazine sold in the market. The magazine usually includes advertisements that are attractive to video game players. However, recently there has been an unusual ad. The back cover of the September issue of this year's Game Informer Magazine is filled with a Honda Fit car advertisement.  

The advertisement is separated into halves, an upper and a lower half. The upper half contains various automobiles. These include a pickup truck, two sedans, two vans, and an eighteen-wheeler. All of these vehicles are laid out to illustrate baby hogs nursing on their mother. In this illustration, the smaller cars portray infants and the semi represents the mother. The background of the upper half is a dark gray color with a single light fixed on the cars. This, as a whole, is a binary opposite to the lower half where there is only one car, the Fit, and the background is a brilliant green that lights up the ad. Furthermore, the copy can only be found in the lower half, surrounding the Fit.

The advertisement declares that the Fit is more efficient than the average car. Various messages are displayed in the ad, however, revealing the Fit's fuel efficiency through the use of humor is the ad's key purpose.

Because the ad is in a video game context, it uses words that relate to it's audience. It uses words such as “warrior of efficiency,” “vicious i-VTEC power,” “a lean, mean, clean machine,” and “guzzlers, your days are numbered!” This creates the image that the Fit is a strong, heroic characters in a video game, just as the audience is used to. This is actually comic in itself, because the Fit is clearly a small hybrid car. Not a sports car that the stereotypical guy would drive. This comedy is blatantly obvious but draws attention to the ad. The comedy of the Fit being an awesome video game character it reveals the efficiency of the car.

The ad uses wit and humor by relating the cars in the upper half to the copy. It does this by relating phrases such as “avoid gas hogs... and wean off the nozzle,” and the layout of the cars to pigs.  This works well in a video game magazine because, typically, gamers have a huge sense of humor, due to the fact that many video games include humor in the game. This humor is obvious and would definitely be seen by a gamer. Through the use of the imagery, in the upper half, and humor, in the copy, the ad reveals the Fit's efficiency.

The nursing like imagery in the upper half of the ad combined with the Fit is notably funny. First of all, the cars have been lain a position to make them look like they're nursing.  Plus, the ad tried to bring to light the concept that natural fuels such as oil are depleting and will soon be gone, by showing one car in the scene left out of the nursing, portraying the runt. This is hilarious because obviously the world is running out of natural fuels. Therefore, the ad suggests buying the Fit, because it is the solution, it is efficient. Furthermore, the Fit's name suggests that it fits, or is the right size or shape for the problem. It can fill in the opening, like in a puzzle, the Fit fits. Both halves of the ad used together comically show that the Fit is efficient.

Another way to view the ad is to say that it promotes the Fit as a strong car, or a man's car. This makes sense because the general audience of the magazine are young adults through middle-age men. Also the way the car is motioning, or the way it appears to be moving, creates a fast sharp look and feel. Concurrently, the ad uses terms such as “mean,” “warrior,” “vicious,” “your days are numbered!” These words and phrases are powerful and create just that type of mood. However, because there is a lack of overall evidence to support that the car is cool or powerful, it doesn't feel as if this is the ad's main purpose.

In conclusion, the ad is effective in displaying the Fits efficiency and cleanliness. However, the ad fails to mention the cars price, and the car itself is unattractive. If you are in to helping the environment and want to save money on gas, then this is the car for you. If you want to look cool while driving on the road, then you might want to look elsewhere. Because the Fit is unattractive and a hatchback, I, personally, would not buy the car. Nonetheless, the advertisement is attractive through the use of comedy, and effectively lets the reader know that the Fit is an efficient car.