It’s sometimes tough to meet new people and enjoy life when you’re shy. Even when you’re horribly lonely it can become a challenge to step “out of your shell.” Isn’t that terrible advice in itself, to step “out of your shell?” I bet there isn’t one person in the world that has ever heard that advice and decided, you know what, I’m going to do it then succeeded. It gives no actual motivation to succeed just an odd suggestion that you’re going to be uncomfortable. Advice for shy people is often given by those that are extroverts. This advice will not be that. To this day, I am shy. I live my life in a way that tends to avoid other people. I like going to the grocery store when no one else in their. I sometimes avoid walking by people I know just because I don’t feel much like talking to them. Then again, I have a lovely girlfriend, I meet new people when I feel it’s needed, I have a lot of fun and, unlike years ago, I never feel lonely. That leads into my first piece of advice.

It's not a bad thing!

Being shy is not a negative. The world often acts like not liking to put yourself out there is a bad thing. It is not a bad thing. It is a personality trait. Some people like it. Some people hate it. There are even people anywhere in between. You need to learn where you are on that scale and learn to accept it. Everyday you spend wishing you were someone else just exacerbates the problems most shy people have. Being shy and comfortable with who you are will let you go anywhere you want  in life. Being shy and uncomfortable with who you are will just make you look and act timid in life. Just because you aren’t the life of the party, it doesn't mean that you are any less of a person. Some people, will actually think you’re better for it. Don’t worry about most of the advice for shy people. They tend to assume that you’re the problem. You’re not the problem.

Focus On What You're Good At

Even as shy people, we need to have some interaction with other people in life. This requires us to not let being shy become too much of a barrier in life. As soon as you can accept your shyness, you will get a little better but in uncomfortable moments of silence, confidence can drift away a bit. That’s why you need to change the way you look at interacting with others. Silence is never uncomfortable if you are completely  accepting of it. It is a part of conversation. Silence means that they are not talking just as much as you are not talking. To instantly improve the way you deal with others, change the way you think about it. All conversation should be looked at in a technical manner. People all have similar speaking styles and body language. Focus on reading and portraying it to get ahead. That line can alone change the way you feel about other people.


Being shy is not a bad thing. It’s a part of who you are. Just like all the other things we can’t control but have to accept in life but really, it’s often to the introverts advantage. While other people can get distracted by the unimportant, the introvert can focus and research what is really important in life. Maybe you’re uncomfortable in certain situations. Imagine how uncomfortable an extrovert would be doing what you do. I imagine an extrovert sitting on a computer writing for hours a day, banging his head on the keyboard and praying for the sweet relief of other people. Love to be an introvert. Not everyone gets this gift.