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If you are a starting writer you probably are thinking what I thought when I first joined. "I'm going to make a lot of money all I have to do is write a few articles." While you can make some money on InfoBarrel it is very unlikely that you will make money in your first or even second month. There are a few things that you should do when you join that will help you make a little more money.

Read Articles

When you first sign up for InfoBarrel I recommend that you read and rate at least ten articles. You can learn the excellence expected from InfoBarrel. Another benefit of rating them is getting some achievements that will come in handy later in your InfoBarrel career. Another thing to do is check out who wrote the articles you like. You can read some more of their articles and see what will appeal to readers like yourself. I would recommend Vic Dillinger because he always writes great things on many topics.

Get Featured

Getting featured is a great way to up your stats, but you won't get featured right away. The first step begins when you write your article. You should always have good quality information that pertains to the article. You should also have pictures, they are a good way to get some extra money and will also help you get featured. When you get your first article published you need to submit it. Just click on the feature an article tab and follow the instructions on the page. Do that with all pf your content to get a better chance of getting an article on the front page.

Enter Contests

Contests on Infobarrel can get you rewards of up to one hundred dollars and can also help get you page views and more. Other contests will increase your ad share or do all of these things. Even if you don't win you can still get some benefits from just getting one point. The contest that is currently going on gives you one percent more adshare for every article you submit to be featured. So no matter what your profits will be increased.

Ask Other Writers 

If you are confused about something and can't find any articles about it just ask about it on the forums. The writers on InfoBarrel are very helpful and at least one of them will answer your questions. You should always respect the other writers even if they are wrong. If nobody on the forums knows you should private message admin or a well-respected writer and see if they know.