Seasonal Change Requires Changes in Your Skincare Routine

Dry SkinLike many, when the weather turns cold, you may have serious problems with dry winter skin that can sometimes result in painful cracking, flaking or eczema.  With the proper care, you don't have to suffer in the winter and your skin can have a normal, healthy glow all year long.  Check out some of the suggestions below for eliminating dry winter skin:


  • Be sure to choose a moisturizer for winter skin.  You might have to go with a heavier moisture formula to ensure that your skin looks and feels healthy.  To lock in extra moisture, spritz your face before applying your moisturizer.
  • Even though you might not see much sun during the colder months of winter, you should continue to apply sunscreen to your face to eliminate exposure from sun reflecting off snow or other situations in which unexpected exposure to the sun can result in dry, chapped sunburned skin.
  • In order to protect the skin on your hands, be sure to wear gloves when you're outdoors.  Exposure to the elements has resulted in my skin cracking on my hands and that hurts!  Frequent handwashing can also dry out your hands so taking this extra step to protect them in harsh weather by wearing gloves will keep your hands supple and pain-free.
  • Keep your interior spaces from getting too dry.  This can be done by running a humidifier indoors.  We have done so at night during the winter and that also keeps our nasal passages from getting too dry while we sleep.  You can add moisture to your inside space by doing something as simple as hanging some laundry in a hallway so that as they dry they moisten the air.
  • Hydrate your skin from the inside out by making sure you drink plenty of water during the winter.  Not only will your body benefit if you're drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day, but staying hydrated can also help with dry skin.  Also don't drink too much caffeine as well because its diuretic effect can dry out winter skin.
  • Try to avoid taking exceptionally hot showers or baths.  The change in temperature is hard on your skin.  Instead, use tepid water to wash your face or extra warm (but not hot!) water for bathing.  Making sure you apply a good body moisturizer after a shower or bath is a big help as well to eliminate dry skin.
Healthy Skin

During the winter, it is essential to baby your skin with some or all of the above advice. If you want healthy and vibrant skin instead of cracked, flaky dry skin, develop a winter skincare routine. Your skin will thank you plus you will feel and look fabulous!

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